Awful customer service from Animas rep

Hi everyone! I am a new member of TuD, though I have been lurking for some time now :slight_smile: I have a question about when you received your animas pump and how your experience rated. I have had nothing but trouble with the rep I am currently working with to get a new animas ping. I have been pumping with a Minimed for the past 11 years and have never had any problems with insurance coverage or poor customer service. I decided to switch to animas because of the great things I’ve heard about the meter/pump combo and the “waterproofiness” of the pump. I also just started on the Dexcom and was hoping to be in line for the Vibe whenever it gets approved.
Anyway, the Animas rep has repeatedly failed to communicate with me and keeps blaming the delays on my endos office, when I know they are reliable about this kind of thing, because they have always taken care of me in the past. It has been over 4 weeks since I first called Animas to start the process and we haven’t even made it past getting the prescription from the dr. I have had to do the rep’s job for her, repeatedly calling the drs office to follow-up on the things the rep should be doing. I was hoping to have my pump in time for my upcoming vacation where I will pretty much be in a pool with my family for an entire week. Doesn’t look like it will happen. Then today, the rep left me a message basically telling me that even when they do get approval, they ‘can’t just send the pump to me’. Really? Sweetheart, this ain’t my first rodeo! We haven’t discussed colors, or infusion sets, or anything of the sort. I am irritated enough at this point to just stay with Minimed. I have NEVER had these problems with them. Any thoughts on this, or did I just get a lousy rep?

Reading ur post… I thought u may have gotten my rep…But my rep was a guy. My drs office sent in my paperwork and it took almost 5 weeks to get approval and order my pump…which I will get on monday… I actually called and went over my reps head and asked for his supervisior, explained everything to the supervisor, got a call from my rep on 5mins…i really hope this is not how they r… Did u call and ask for her supervisor?

Unfortunately, it sounds like you just got a lousy rep. I had the opposite experience. My rep went out of his way to make it all happen in a timely manner, went to the doctor's office to walk him through approving it, worked with my insurance and told me I might qualify for a discount. Great customer service. Sorry you had such a negative experience! If you want the Ping, hang in there and don't let this jerk distract you.

You got a lousy rep. My rep was great. Communicated with me well and got the ball rolling with insurance and what not. I wouldn't give up on Animas as of yet. See if you can get someone else to deal with.

Momof3, I haven’t asked for a supervisor yet, but that is definitely my next step. My Dexcom got approved and sent out, via a 3rd party fulfillment site no less, in less than two weeks, with no problems from my insurance. So I’m pretty confident this is just a lazy Animas rep :frowning:

While you very well may have gotten a bad rep, don't rule out your endo's office either.

My prior endo while great when I was in the office was horrible at following up on things. It's one of the main reasons they are "PRIOR." My new doctor and staff is great at getting things done.

I had researched all the pumps and decided on Animas before I even spoke to my doctor about it. I had the paperwork completely filled out for my portion of the pump order then took everything with me to my next office visit. We discussed my desire for a pump and the doctor agreed.

I faxed my paperwork directly to Animas. They contacted my doctor's office for the prescription within a couple days. About two weeks into the process Animas called that my insurance had approved my pump. A week later I had it in my hands and the week after I started training. My experiences have almost always been exceptional in dealing with Animas.

I would definitely call Animas and ask to speak with a supervisor. Find out where the problem lies and do whatever other follow up you need to. Pester you endo's office or your insurance company if that is what's necessary. If it's an Animas issue tell the supervisor point blank you're not happy with your FIRST EXPERIENCE in dealing with them and are wondering if you've made the wrong decision to use their pump. That will get their attention.

I will say I have been very please with my Animas pumps. I started on the 2020 and currently use the Ping. They have been easy to learn and use and very reliable.

Good luck in getting your new pump!

I agree with others. I think you "lucked" out and got a lousy rep.

I have had my Ping for over three years (yeah, come on soon Vibe!) and have never had anything but great service from my rep and the few times I have called their call center they were excellent too.

I would recommend you escalate the call up the rung at Animas as I am sure they would like to know if one of their people is not fulfilling the customers needs.

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I’ll just say ditto to what others have said about maybe getting a bad person. I’ll also kind of agree with Phil in that my endo is terrific, but sometimes I have to push the ball along with them when it comes to paperwork. I got the ping just over a year ago, my first pump. I’m totally happy with it, and anytime I’ve called for any kind of technical support, they’ve been very helpful.


True, Phil. However, if my endos office isn’t being responsive, I see that as the Animas rep’s job to stay on top of them and do the work for me, to check in when things aren’t moving along and to keep the ball rolling. Isn’t that their job? Of course, I’ve found over 20 years of having T1 and having children with serious health issues at times, that we are usually the only ones who will truly advocate for ourselves. Sad to say we are often just another number in a long line to some folks…
And I’ve really never had issues with my endo not responding quickly to anything I need, so I feel lucky there.

There is also the possibility that your doc, or someone in their office, just doesnt like Animas. Medical care is highly political and competitive. Sit in a waiting room long enough and you will see all manner of awesomely attractive and expensively clothed people parading in and out with a rolling tote behind them. These are the drug reps, and it is their job to sell the docs on their products. And they use all sorts of bait to push their products to the front of the line. If a doc forms a “close” relationship with one, or the company, everyone else gets crowded out. Some play favorites to the point of exclusion or they simply wont cooperate with anyone else.
Not saying this is what has happened, but it is a possibility to consider. Medicine as a profession can be quite dirty. Or not. It all depends on the doctor.

I’m well aware of the politics, unfortunately. The funny thing is, my endos office doesn’t even have an in-office Animas rep at the moment. I have been dealing with someone from the ‘home office’ strictly over the phone. Hopefully this will all get cleared up soon! It’s too bad that the patient isn’t the top priority over these relationships, isn’t it?

From the day I asked my doc to the day I receive my Animas ping was two weeks and 3 days. But I called them everyday to see where we were in the process. If they said they were waiting for the doc I would call my doc's office. If they said they were waiting on the insurance I called my Insurance. I never even heard from my rep during the whole process unless I called. I was using my pump for a week before Animas called and asked to set up a time for training. I said training for what I have been using it for a week. My motto is the squeaky wheel always get's greased first..

Ask for the script, contact Animas, run your own ballgame. It is your life!

If Animas asks for records, get them and send them yourself. If they are to be faxed, scan and email them. It will work. Do not accept NO for an answer.

Best of luck.