If Animas isn't providing you with the customer service you deserve

From day one - over 2 years ago, i’ve had issues with the people at Animas dragging their feet in requesting documents, and getting them processed and orders processed. Recently they kept loosing my blood work - i faxed it to them, and my doctor did twice, and they continued to not have my blood work and I nearly ran out of insets. On top of that, but when I asked to speak to a supervisor, she was very nasty and made me cry.

That’s when i found out that CCS medical can supply you with your pumping supplies, and if you’re on Medicare, they have a cost assistance program to cover the deductibles and co-pays for both your testing and pumping supplies.

Plus, they’re competent, kind, and respectful.

I need the waterproof pump, or i’d kick Animas to the curb and find a different pump company all together.

I’m so sorry, Hon!! I have had nothing but great experiences with Animas. Always overnight me a new pump when I break one and have always been fantastic and getting my paperwork processed. I’m really sorry you’ve had such a terrible experience. I’d go online to their website and write them an email to let them know you’ve had such a hassle with them. Glad you were able to get it figured out through another company, though!

I don’t know how you luck out - I’m guessing you’re not on Medicare. They treated me far better when I had private insurance as my primary

Mikheil Elizbarashvili
How much costs the service of this pump per Month?

I’ve had a few issues with their billing department, personally. I fought the same bogus charge on my account for nearly a year and finally got it worked out. They are a great company, but sometimes I think the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. I called once to change my address after moving and found that it took months to get both shipping and billing to send to my new address. My supply shipments continued to arrive at my former address for nearly 9 months. Little annoyances.

If you’re truly unhappy (or just need a change), consider the other pump companies. Omnipod is waterproof, too (I use it). And though Minimed doesn’t claim it of their product, many users here report that it’s waterproof, too. (I wore Minimed pumps for 8 years, but I always just disconnected in water sports, etc. I teach a girl on the swim team at her high school and she disconnects, too.) I also wore a Cozmo (which is waterproof), but they no longer sell pumps. I’m just saying that no one should ever feel too boxed in with a particular pump or company - even on Medicare with limited options. Competition exists so that we can choose the best fit for our needs. Best of luck to you!

Well, do you have suggestions on how I could get a new pump paid for? Medicare (Animas says) only pays for a new pump every 4 years. I’ve had mine for 2 years -Last I knew they didn’t cover the omnipod at all.

Now - we’ve just moved and my husband is in between jobs - I’m sure once we have private insurance again, my choices will open up a lot more.

BTW - The point of my post was not to just complain about Animas, but to let people know they can get their supplies through CCS without all the hassle. Though, i have to admit - the venting about Animas made me feel better! :wink:

Private insurance generally has the same 4-year restriction as well. So I’m afraid I don’t have any helpful suggestion there, BUT sometimes the pump companies will allow you to switch to their pump for a ridiculously low start-up. (My move from Cozmo to Omnipod was only $50 during a special they were offering.)

And my insurance didn’t care who was sending me pump supplies, so it was a simple switch for me. No insurance involvement whatsoever, to be honest. I do know, however, that some Medicare patients have had a tough time getting on the Pod. (Call Insulet and ask maybe?)

You’d have to check with Minimed or Omnipod to see about any trade-in or switching specials. Minimed will often offer you a trade-in on a refurb pump with a two year warranty. After that, you’d be eligible under Medicare to get something new anyway. Just an idea.

I’m pro-venting, trust me. And if you could read my facebook status every time I get another invoice from Animas that’s incorrect, you’d definitely know I can relate. laughs CCS is one of many awesome sources for pump supplies for the Animas pumps. I’ve also used Byram Healthcare, Fifty50 pharmacy, Edgepark Medical, American Diabetes Wholesale, etc. People SHOULD be informed that they don’t HAVE to get their supplies from Animas if they don’t want to. Kudos to you for spreading the word.

WOW - thanks for the help! I’ll definitely be shopping around!

It looks like i’m going with the pod! I’m a bit concerned about knocking it off because I knock my inset off even sometimes. but, the guy said I’d get used to it. Things will also be more complicated with sitting in the sauna or jaccuzzi. I’ll have to time that with times to change the pod or something.

Did you go FROM the pod to Animas?

First, I went from Minimed to Cozmo, but I didn’t like Cozmo’s infusion set options, so I started using Animas insets for my infusion sets on the Cozmo, and then I moved to Omnipod. I was just dealing with Animas for my infusion set shipments for a year.

Wow : ( That is super unfortunate! So far I have had great help and friendly interactions with Animas but maybe that is because I have mostly talked with my local rep. I hope that they make things right with you.