B/S control and 'Honeymoon phase"

Hi All
I was diagnosed in Feb this year.
Since then i have been taking insulin shots and my B/S has always been in the recommended range and if it is not then i normally know why! Therefore i have found the treating part of diabetes pretty easy.
Although after reading a few blogs on this site i see that a huge proportion of people constantly struggle with there B/S. Why am i not one of these? Am i in the ‘honeymoon phase’?
I find that if i limit my carb intake to 40gms for 3 meals and 20gms for 2 snacks a day then my sugar levels are fine! This is with injecting twice a day and also extra injections if my meal is going to be more then 40gms of carbs.

Will this not last? Will things change soon and become a hell of alot harder?

P.S. Why do i pay huge doctors bills when this site provides far more information then any of my three doctors could ever dream of? All i use them for is to get a prescription!!!

newly diagnosed t1 here too.
What insulin and how many units do you take per day? Your ability to eat 40g of carbs without bolusing sure sounds like you’re in full blown honeymoon. That amount of carbs without a bolus would send my B/S through the roof. I never had much of a honeymoon phase.

So things probably won’t last and your insulin requirements will rise sooner or later, sorry. I’ve been told that a honeymoon phase can last anything from days to years and can end slowly or rather abruptly. Like everything concerning diabetes it’s different for everyone. But that doesn’t mean your diabetes management will become impossibly hard when it ends. Like I said, it’s different for everyone. The most annoying thing probably will be the transition and the constant adjustment of dosages. At least it is for me with Lantus.


Hey thanks for that Kat.
Far thats a pity i thought i was doing so well !!! But it is just because my body has decided to part work, lol.
Only taking 12mls in morn and 10mls at tea. Also rapid acting insulin when i am going over 40gms of carbs. So must be honeymoon phase. I really just wanted to know what i need to do and then get on with life. Seems like being in the honeymoon phase is more of a hassle then anything.
So in reality in the future i wont even be able to eat a sandwich without having an injection with it. Bad news !!!
Guess this is why i thought it was easy hahah!!


Far thats a pity i thought i was doing so well !!!

Just because things might take more effort in the future doesn’t mean you’re not doing well right now! You’re already counting carbs for starters. That’s not something every t1 does.

So in reality in the future i wont even be able to eat a sandwich without having an injection with it.

Pretty much, yes. I’m sorry. At least I don’t know anybody who can. Bread is usually carb overload. But at least you’ll know what to expect. And you can always consider switching to a pump.


Hey Lippa,

I’ve just been diagnosed as well… I was diagnosed realllllly early because I became symptomatic very quickly and so I am definately in the honeymoon phase. I take really small amounts of insulin and and I am far more likely to go low than high (hence my Hba1c being 5.2)… in case you were wondering or didn’t know, the reason your blood sugars are so good is because you probably still make some insulin. the reason others have trouble is because they’re body has completely stopped making insulin. This will eventually happen to us to but for now enjoy the “honeymoon”. :slight_smile: