B/S Up from Gym?

I recently started to go to the gym doing cardio and lifting weights. How come when I test my b/s it is up about 170.. I thought when you go to the gym it is suppose to go down. Any thoughts on this?



Larry, it will go down after a little bit. Your sugar does go up a little when you exercise because your body needs that “energy” to do the work out. When you are getting the 170 reading is it a hour or so later? I’m not sure how long it takes for the exercise to “bring you down” maybe someone else can shed a little light on that for us. :slight_smile: Hey, but congrats on exercising in the first place. Wanna mail me a little of your motivation?! :slight_smile:

My BS ALWAYS goes up after exercise. Weights, cardio, basic walking, doesn’t matter. At times by as much as 100 points. But a few hours it drops like a rock. The Dr. is a bit stumped, but attributes it to several possibilities: not drinking enough water (I doubt this, I drink 32 oz an hour when working out), a flight or fight effect induced by exercise where BS is dumped into the system, I have arthritis in the knees and the stress on them during workouts may cause in increase in BS. But I never cover the increase with insulin, and I usually am back to normal in 3-4 hours.

I knooow happens to me too…it goes up reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy BAAAaaad!!! It turns out that our healthy liver makes glucose that the muscles and cells will need. In people without diabetes this is to physiologically prevent an hipo. Our confused body does not know that we cannot produce insulin to regulate this effect so we have hyper instead of hypo (damniiiit). There was an experiment (I apologize for not remembering the dates) in which Rowell and collegues proved that glucose produced by liver could rise up to three times glucose levels compared to those without physical activities…