Back on the Job Hunt

Well, I am back on the hunt for a new job. My 2 1/2 year stint that I had with the diabetes company I was working has ended as of Tuesday. The main thing that I am concerned about is picking up insurance. If anybody has any information on Cobra for me, please send it over to me, any information at all that you may have. I will try to keep you all updated on how things are going.

Thank you for any help any of you may have.

Hi Chris, I know what you are going through with a job loss. I have gone through too many to count. But as for Cobra it is great to have till you get a new job but you have to be concerned about the out of pocket cost, I had to pay about $150 or more a month, which now I think it is a lot of money. It does have a shelf life that is short depending on how much you have to pay out.

As for me when I used Cobra, I damaged my right shoulder during the last month working for the big company. I loved the work and even more the money. About $2,000 a month which included working 50+ hours a week. I used Cobra for about 6 months with no work ahead, this was in 1997, shoulder repaired in 2000 with 2 CTS within 6 months. Now I’m on SSI. But I know you will get that next job soon, cant keep a great guy down.

If you get Cobra, check out how long you can get it.

$150 a month I can definitely afford. Someone else had told me that it was more like $600 a month, so that is what has me really nervous.