Back to the Cosmo

Has anyone here given up on Omnipod? I have and I went back to my old Cosmo and since then my BG’s have been near normal while I was on the pod I would be normal and then my bg’s were like a shotgun blast with extreme highs and svere lows for no reason. Some of the reasons were I would test and get a very high reading and verify it with another meter and then give a correction and the next thing I know I am running a very severe low. I finally got fed up when 2 pods failed in a row and since omnipod did not take my old pump and cosmo had just replaced it I went back to the tether and actually have been feeling a lot better. With the pod it seemed my tempers flared all the time from possibly all the weirds bg’s who knows but I know how I feel right now.

I think others have gone back to their old pumps or are contemplating doing so…there is a discussion on the Omnipod forum