OmniPod Failure Rate Decrease?

Hi Everyone,

I’m writing to see if anyone feels like the new Omnipods have been fixed and their failure rates decreased. I was on the old pods and had minimal problems, but then with the switch to the new pods I had failures left and right, sometimes up to 4 in a row, and ended up in the hospital after a combo of illness/pod failure during the night. Anyway I had to go off the pods and I just started an Animas pump, but I hate the tubes and size of pump (it looks like I’m wearing a battery pack!). It works amazingly well with no problems, but I’m wondering if anyone who stuck it out the new pods has seen a decrease in failures. I have a few weeks to decide if I should keep the new pump, but my heart is still with the pods (haha).

I hope you find a pump to work for you. Sorry I can't speak to the new pods. I've used tubed pumps since 1987, except for a brief foray with the larger-pod Omnipod. It was a five month trial that ended with me switching back to the Animas Ping. I was so happy to get back to what I know and can rely on.

I can see your quandary. I hope you can find a dependable system that works for you.

I had quite a few failures initially when I started with the new pods. But I also noticed the failures decreased significantly when I switched from Apidra to Humalog. These days I find the failures rare - maybe one every six months.

The failure rate has decreased significantly. Also, I haven't had a pod fail with a "pod error" in at least 6 months, probably longer.

I have had a few more occlusion failures than in the past, but with the exception of one or two they were valid occlusions (two turned out to be gushers when I removed the pods).

Occlusions aren't really the fault of the technology; unfortunately, they're much more expensive with an Omnipod than with a tubed pump.

Overall I'm having good results these days in terms of reliability. Out of 50 pods, I'll have 2-4 problems, way down from 10 or more.

Thanks everyone for your input. I figured it would take a bit for the new pods to get the bugs worked out, just couldn’t be part of the guinea pig process! Thanks again!