Backpacking for 1 yr - 6 months SE Asia, 6 months South America!

hey everyone,

My boyfriend and I are going to be taking on a challenge! Backpacking for 1 yr with diabetes through SE Asia and South America!!! We are starting in Indonesia and plan on travelling/relaxing in Bali for 1 month. Then we will fly to Singapore for a week, then head to Cambodia where the real roughing it begins. We will travel over land from Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand over the next 4 months 3 weeks. From Thailand we will fly to Rio De Janiero Brazil and backpack through Argentina, Bolivia, Uraguay, Puaraguay, Venezeula, Columbia ( in no specific order) and end in Panama City (Central America).

My only concern is taking a years worth of pump supplies/insulin/blood sensors etc. Since i'll only have a backpack to store EVERYTHING its going to be a rather tight fit.

I've talked with my diabetes educator and they've suggested looking in to buying supplies over seas. Only issue is, i dont know where to start, and who to ask in Thailand. I've contacted Minmed and the only distribution centre i can find is in Brazil South America. But the Minimed lady on the phone said that ordering supplies is different in every country. In Canada you can go to any pharmacy and order it. In the US you need a perscription from a US doctor......

So my solution right now is having my brother meet me 5 months into the trip and bring me some supplies. Now the issue comes up, will he be allowed to carry supplies in my name over seas... even if i get doctors notes etc.

I know that I'm going to be carrying my insulin in frio packs... ( i used them on my 3 week trip last Feb and they work great) and I already have ample blood sensors.

So if anyone has any tips on how to get supplies etc please please please let me know!!!!!!!!!!!

Or any travel tips of where to go what to see in

Also I will be blogging about this trip as I go, and what its like living with diabetes and travelling. So if you'd like to read along message me and i'll let you know the website addy!!!!


If you have contacts in various places along the way, you send supplies to them. They hold them for your arrival. Don’t try it without having some contacts, however, since stealing packages is normal. You need contacts in embassies who can help.