Backup PDM's for travel?

Does anyone get a backup PDM for going out of the country on vacation?

If so, will insurances cover it (i have CIGNA)?

If not, aren't you afraid to travel with just one PDM in case of losing it?


I'm prepared to fall back to MDI when I travel.

So far as I can determine the backup PDMs have been provided by Insulet educators as a response when this issue was raised. I have an 'old' backup PDM, but I don't have a backup now I'm on the new pods, I never used the old backup.

I don't consider it an issue for the type of travelling I do - I max out at about 2 weeks. Since, recently, I've switched to MDI anyway part way through the travel because I've been diving it has ceased to be a worry for me.

I admit changing back to MDI is a problem on a vacation, where predictable food is difficult to obtain. However the one instance where I (temporarily) lost the PDM I also lost the insulin with it, and that was much more serious (in the middle of the night at Heathrow with no chemists open; the guys at the Renaissance Heathrow who tracked down my backpack in the Hotel Hopper buses will always deserve my thanks.)

I carry full MDI backup when going overseas : Lantus and Novolog pens.

I use the Novolog penfill cartridges to fill the pods. If the PDM or pods fail for some reason, I just put the cartridges into a pen and keep going.

Oh yes, a spare meter too.

I also carry pens on traveling for backup purposes. Not as good as a PDM, but it works in a pinch. I've had to use this method before when I got caught without a replacement pod. Gave injections of about the same amount as my basal would have been about every 2 hours. Did better than I expected. Haven't lost a PDM, so not sure about Insurance. Insulet may know if you call them.