Supply list for overseas trip

We are traveling to England for 19 days soon and I am terrified I will forget something crucial (or run out of supplies). Can you look over my list and comment if there is something I am missing or do not have enough off? It does nto include food other than glucose tabs.

Thank you!

PDM x 1 (should I request a back-up for traveling??)
Pods x 10 (enough for 1 month!)
Novolog 10 mls x 2
Frio cooling bag
Tape (sticking pods down)
Oil (for removing pods)

Syringes x 20 (in case of pump malfunction etc. I can easily buy more over there if we had a serious issue with the pump).
Needle clipper
Test strips (200 - we still have days where we have to test 10 times!)

Back-up glucometer with test strips
Lancet device x 2
Alcohol wipes x 200
Lancets x 200
Gauze x 200 (he likes to use this to wipe blood off finger)

Triple antibiotic cream
Anti-nausea medication

Glucose tabs (lots)
Letter from Endo for airline

Consider bringing long-acting insulin (Lantus or Levemir, etc) as backup if the PDM fails (or the pods get lost, etc) and you need to switch back to MDI.

You can certainly get by on Novolog and syringes alone , but it will be a pain to give shots every 3-4 hours ,even when sleeping.

You might ask your endo for written prescriptions for insulin, needles, meter, etc. in case you need to buy stuff overseas and they want to see a prescription.

Though you could always go to an ER or local Dr and they should be able to give you a prescription for T1.

When I travel, my list looks very similar to yours except I carry pens and pen needles as backup. I can also use the Novolog penfill cartridges to fill the pod.

I have have always heard it is also good to travel with a copy of all scripts as well. We are getting ready to head overseas for 20 days and I am anxious to see what other suggestions are offered.
Oh yea - batteries!

Good idea. But that raises another question. Since we have just re-filled Sam's insulin Rx with 10ml Novolog vials, is our insurance likely to approve extra insulin pen refills as a back-up since we only get one insulin refill month.

I was in the same boat and the insurance turned it down, so I explained why I needed the pen refills (for travel backup) to the insurance company (Caremark) and they overrode it so the prescription could be filled.

The Lantus they didn't question as it is a separate drug to them .

We have done a couple of international trips, and I have a spreadsheet list we use for every trip (and a formula for figuring out how many of everything.)

I don't see batteries on your list? Definitely want some AAA batteries.
Also - I would bring more pods personally. But that's probably a comfort level thing. We have had days where we have gone through 3 pods at once, and if that happens at the beginning of a trip I would be stressed. So we actually bring a pod/day.

We haven't had trouble getting a vial of lantus. I have one at home in case of an emergency - and our doctor gets it through insurance somehow.

I know you said you don't have food on there - but we found that airlines allowed us to take juice boxes on board since our doctor's letter specifically said we needed to be allowed to take medication - including juice boxes and snacks. :)

Definitely batteries!! I like to take extra for the glucose meters as well. I traveled with my daughter to Puerto Rico and although that’s not international, they allowed us to take several juice boxes. :slight_smile: Have fun

Ah yes, batteries. Thank you!

Good idea. We'll bring more pods and spare batteries. I have extra Lantus as we don't need it currently (still honeymooning).