Bad box of sensors?

I'm not sure if anyone else has ever had this, but it seems the box of sensors I'm using are all bad. I've been on the phone with Dexcom for all of them. I'm getting incredibly bad readings from them and a lot of the ERR1 message. Has anyone encountered a whole box of bad sensors, or is it just bad luck for me?

I had it happen to me a year ago. I had 2 boxes that Dexcom replaced most of the sensors out of because they were horribly bad readings.

Yes! I tried to convince them it was all one box when 3 of them said Sensor Failure. I tried a new box anyway and the next sensor and I got along fine. It's really maddening to have to reinsert and then not have them believe you. The same has happened with my pump - 10 of them - all bad. I went through 8 in ONE day. "no, no, it's not the box" I hear from them. What to do?

Yeah, I'm worried they're going to start flagging my phone number since I keep requesting new sensors.

Did they not have you send them the info from your Dexcom via computer? They have me do that - they say they can tell from that....

No. In fact I just got off the phone with them and this is the first tech to actually mention that. I plan on doing it tonight when I get home from work.

Good! I think that will help your cause. Good luck. No more bad sensors allowed!

it happens. Make sure they replace them and try not to get too frustrated.

I recently had two in a row that failed almost immediately.

I have had more sensor failures the past 2 months than I've had the entire time I've been on Dexcom which is a little over 18 months now. The company has been very good about replacing all of the sensors though and all of the failures have been pretty random and different types of problems.

I’ve had a 7+ for over 3 years now and order my sensors in 3 boxes of 4 at a time and I am on my 7th sensor and all of them have had problems with accuracy, ???, and failures from day one of insertion. I have had 4 out 7 replaced by Dexcom and every one of the replacements worked great! All sensors are from the same lot.

Problem is Dexcom will only replace the sensors after they have failed and won't replace the remaining unused sensors even though I believe that I have irrefutable proof the lot is bad. What I don't understand is why they would not want the unused ones back so they can take a look at them and use the problems they found to improve the manufacturing of the sensors? Their reasoning is that every sensor is individually made so I can’t be a lot problem, which made no sense to me. I said that maybe true about the assembly of the sensor but the materials probably came from the same lot, which is probably the cause of the problem.

I can believe in order to get the sensors replaced that I have to go through the frustration of putting on a sensor that will most likely go bad and then have to replace it anyway?

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get them to replace the unused sensors? Also, this maybe the last time I order sensors 3 boxes at a time!

Update. After my insistance tech support finally raised the issue up to there management team and a manager gave me a call. He agreed that this seems very odd and agreed to replace the remaining sensors. One thing he did say is that he never heard of someone getting 3 boxes of sensors all from the same lot before? Personally I am not sure why that would be odd if you ordered them all at the same time (maybe not many people order 3 boxes at the same time?). I guess it was just my luck!