Have you ever had 2 bad sensors in a row?

Hey all,

We all know about the dreaded ??? ... but have you ever had 2 bad sensors in a row? They were from different boxes, so I don't know what to think. I put in a new sensor yesterday, had ??? for 24 hours with no reading, changed the sensor today and bam ??? straight away! Went 5 hours with ??? and then called Dexcom, who informed me that the rule is wait 3 hrs with ??? before changing the sensor. Where did I get the 24 hour rule!? Anyway, they just said that I had 2 bad sensors in a row and to change it a third time... which I guess I'll do, but man, that stinks. I hate the insertions and to have to do 3 in two days!

Went through all the questions with dexcom---was it wet? did I clean with alcohol? was there anything on my skin? etc etc -- I didn't do anything wrong and still two "baddies"!

Has anyone else had this happen to them? They said it was just a coincidence to have 2 in a row... I asked could it possible be the receiver--they said, "no not possible"... so there's that.

...I guess I'll have to do the third insertion now :(

Yes, in two days, I went through 7 sensors. I was so mad! They only replaced one of them. I can't believe this sensor business sometimes. Mine just mostly said Sensor failure and they only replace them after getting that error. Then they said that it could be because I was too lean - another problem I've had with the Animus pump. I finally talked to a bunch of people on here and they suggested other places for the sensor. I've settled on the back of my arm which doesn't have fat either but it seems to work. Of course, I cannot do it myself.
Now yours does sound funny going directly to the ??? Thank God that you can use them for longer than 7 days because I'd end up being short 3 months per year otherwise. I think the cost is grossly unfair. I'm going to try to order more of them from the doctor this year. I go next week.
I always thought it was 24 hours also. In fact, the book says if you get the ??? try to give it a reading after one hour and then again in another hour. After that, you are our of luck. That's what it says in my book. Best of luck. this business is rough sometimes!

Oh my GOSH. 7 sensors! Honestly, I don't think I could take 7 insertions in two days! With regards to pump and CGM sites--it's the only time being too lean is ever a negative! I use the lower back on the sides--I have soft spots there. Can't really put it on the abdomen for similar reasons as you. Still haven't gotten up the energy to do my third insertion...but I would like to have the dexcom back up and running so I guess I better get to it!

Do you mean on your lower back? Or lower back of the arms? Yes, once you have it on, it's too weird not to! Get her done! Yes, it is rough - I hate doing the Dexcom - don't mind the Ping pump - does it all for you. Good with me!

I had a number of bad sensors when I first started using them. I had at least two in a row, but haven't had any fail prematurely in a couple of years. I usually use a spot just below my belt line as far back as i can reach. Call it high buttock or high hip depending on how limber I am that day. Good luck - Allen

BIG NEWS: I just couldn't work up the nerve to put in a new sensor, so I just kept the old one in until I finally decided to change it... and then, after 9 hours of ??? straight... a reading! And knock on wood, 4 hours later still working... We'll see! (not so accurate right now, but let's not get ahead of ourselves!)

Like having type 1 isnt enough work, we add all the equipment malfunction. SO good to have one another to commiserate with these frustrations.

i have also found that increase water intake sometimes help remedy the ???.

with the competion tight, hope they are working on more perfect sensor system.

Thanks for the tip about water--wonder if I was dehydrated? Well, I'm happy this sensor that I thought had crapped out is still working... Although I'm not happy to see two UP arrows right now... SIGH. !

I hate 2 up arrows!! Be sure to test before treating. Although the arrows are correct nd you are rising fast, the number can be way off. I am sure you know all this already, but thought Id add anyway.