Bad Habits

I’m trying so unbelievably hard to get my diabetes under control but I can’t shake the habit of drinking regular pop/soda. I’ve almost died twice in the past 4 years from DKA but I’m constantly thirsty and can’t find something suitable to drink. I’ve been drinking a lot of diet pop but I can’t drink water because it seems to always make me sick. I don’t know what I can drink that will taste good, not make me sick, and aid in the efforts of controlling my diabetes. I’m trying my best to find a good diet that I’ll be able to stick with considering I’m such a picky eater. It’s so tough to keep it all under control and count carbs and find something that I’d like to eat.

It’s sort of unbelievable that you even have regular soda in the house after your DKA incidences. My suggestion would be to totally rid your house of any regular soda or “diabetic” contraband (your family/room mates should agree for the sake of your health/life). The only sugary thing you should have around are glucose tabs for lows (& well, if you like those, then try to find the worst tasting ones?) It’s possible you crave regular soda/sugary items because of your elevated BG levels. When your sugar is elevated it causes you to be excessively thirsty & hungry, usually for the wrong things for your diabetes. I’m sort of confused why water makes you ill unless you’re drinking well water, etc. Maybe you need to buy a brita filter or the like (soda is made out of water believe it or not).

Sorry to sound a bit sarcastic at times but truly, you need to get a handle on these easy fixes if you really want to live a healthy life with diabetes. If you have health insurance, they will gladly give you the number of a dietitian that you can visit & they can make a meal plan/diet that is best for you. Once you start getting rid of that awful regular soda habit, I suggest buying a food scale (with the help of to help aid you in carb counting. Even after 16 years of being diabetic, I am back to weighing & measuring my food again to help comprehend carb counting again. Hope this helps!

I know I shouldn’t have any but I’ve cut back a tremendous amount having only 1 a week and usually even less than that. I’m just having a hard with the diet and carb counting thing. I know I’m not where I should be completely with the regular soda thing but I’m a lot further than I was.

Soda is mostly water, so it would make you just as sick as plain water.

Why don’t you drink sugar-free soda/pop. there are just as many of them as regular pop, which are VERY high in sugar. Most likely that is what’s making yoy sick due to ketones. You could add sugar free squash to water if you don’t like the taste, or drink pure fruit juice, always making sure you take the carb content into account. The high sugar is sending your BS way up & that will make you thirsty, so it’s a vicious circle. You really MUST stop drinking sugary pop or you could become dangerously ill, & there are plenty of other choices to drink.

Maybe the water thing is psychological? Before I was officially dx I was so far out of control that I was constantly thirsty, but nearly anything would make me sick, and more than half a glass of water was enough to make me throw up usually. It took me several months after starting insulin before I would drink more than a mouthful of water. Far as soda goes, I still drink diet coke or diet Dr pepper on occasion. I mistakenly drank a regular can of root beer once and that gave me ridiculous high bg. If you are still having intense thirst, I would bring it up with your doc, as there may be something else going on.

I have been non stop drining for my whole life, I never am seen without something to drink. Have you tried the Greenteas in bottles? There is Diet Greentea Berry, and Greentea Citrus. I think Lipton makes it. I have bought tea bags and every day drink hot tea too. some things you have to work on to become a good habit. Me and straight water don’t get along either. But combined with Pro diet drinks each day I drink half my weight in liquid,
You need to rid the sugar sodas for good. There is alot out there thats diet, not just sodas…

DKA and near death would make me have eyes for sugar free…yikes…
On eating, you know lower carb eating is the best and there is so much to choose from. Write to us and list all the foods you can think of that you like, make them the good healthy ones,we can help you:)

Take one day at a time, and the best way is Don’t buy the sugar sodas, buy something else. If its not there, you can’t drink it, Right:)

Theres not many things you can’t do with D, and drinking regular soda is the top one. Frankly, you should be thankful you’ve got an eyesight after 10 years of having A1C of 10 or over.

Believe me non of this is news to me, I know how lucky I am to still be alive let alone be able to still see. I’m not unaware of how bad regular soda is for me, which is the reason I’ve stopped drinking it. All I was asking for was tips on a diet and counting carbs. I do drink diet soda, as I stated above, and it’s the main thing I drink now. I’m working as hard as I can to be able to drink water but I can’t do plain water, it literally makes me sick, and I don’t believe it psychological.

Put a slice of lemon in the water.

I’m going to try that, thank you :slight_smile:

If part of liking soda, aside from the sugar, is the carbonation drink club soda or seltzer. Seltzer has no salt. Diet sodas aren’t healthy & increase cravings for more sweets. Find an herb tea you like & make it iced.

No real secrets for counting carbs, other than getting in the habit of doing it. I use an EatSmart scale. It calculates carbs, calories, fat, sodium, etc.

I agree that water making you sick must be psychological because there is nothing in it to cause sickness, & as others have said, all soft drinks are made of water anyway. Was interested in stoovie’s comment as my A1C is always over 10 & I’ve still got my eyesight. My diabetes is just very difficult to control, maybe due to problems with insulin absorption after 32 years!

Wow obviously putting that water makes me sick was a bad idea, maybe there’s another site I should post that on, where someone just might understand it.

Also for the record, I’m not addicted to it, I’ve already posted that I drink like 1 every week to two weeks, so I broke my addiction to pop. I drink plenty of diet soda and I’ve done a very good job at substituting diet for regular. As far as water is concerned, it’s not psychological. The number of doctors that have told me I need to drink more water there’s nothing I want more than to drink the right amount of water I need to lose to lose weight and be healthy again so if it were psychological I’d be able to overcome it. Everyone on here has said the same thing everyone else has that it’s psychological, but once again it’s not.

Well, i apologize if my suggestion makes you angry, I (none of us really) have any way of knowing how many people have told you similar ideas. It was also just a suggestion based on the limited info given, not a statement. I do highly recommend asking your doctor about it. It could be simple heartburn or an ulcer too, i’ve had similar problems in the past where water made me ill, but oddly i could drink diet coke (which of course is mostly water, weird i know). My doc gave me some sample packs of prilosec or something which seemed to help a bit, but after awhile it went away on it’s own. Stress is also a huge factor i think, at least it was for me at the time. Can you eat spicey foods? Is there anything else that makes you feel sick like water? We’re trying to help really, we just don’t have much info to base our thoughts on! Diabetes affects everyone different, with luck somebody here will understand or be able to help get you pointed in right direction. If not, I wish you best of luck no matter where you look.

I like the lemon slice idea and the seltzer idea - putting them together sounds good too. We like to have diet Snapple as an alternative for special occasions in lieu of any sodas.

I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful for anyone’s help and I’m very sorry if I did. I’m just so frustrated with this disease and I’ve been trying for 10 years to get it under control and I’ve never been able to drink water. I’m going to take all the suggestions given and work on it, I really do appreciate everyone’s help. I’m drinking more Propel lately and that’s not making me sick unless I drink it in large amounts. So that leads me to believe that it may be the taste initially but why would I still get sick when I drink it in large amounts? I have talked it over with the doctor and unfortunately they also told me it was psychological, but I know it’s not because I’m trying to hard to get over it. Again I apologize to everyone if I seemed at all ungrateful or unappreciative.

MzBrunner, the point of this forum is to help and come up with REAL answers. Back-tapping is helpful, but to give real advice, we need more information - your daily carb and insulin intake, lifestyle info, types of food and meals you eat, that sort of thing.

Three years ago, I was beginning to get really sick for a long time. I didn’t know why, doctors weren’t able to find anything wrong. HBA1C wasn’t really worse than before (even if it wasn’t nearly ideal). Turned out I just needed to take my shots (I was on MDI back then) sooner before eating, as I had nasty BG spikes that weren’t really showing up on my BG readings.

Now, my HBA1C is better, I feel better.

Do you feel good and healthy besides your water nausea? I know I wouldn’t with HBA1C as high as yours. HBA1C of 13 means your average BG is 21 mmol (386 mg/dl), which is really dangerous. Every body is different, but BG of 386 is bad no matter how you slice it.

There’s no reason to feel bad, as there are always things to do to improve.

I think the main thing that interferes with my health is stress. I’m a full time student with a full time job and I try to handle all of that while constantly feeling tired and thirsty due to my sugar. I’m on a sliding scale with my insulin right now. I take novalog and lantus, the novalog is based on the sliding scale and I’m taking 62 units of lantus every night. My eating habits aren’t the best, I’m not a sweet eater but I rarely eat breakfast and my lunch usually consists of a slice of pizza from the campus marketplace. I’m working hard to fix that and get into the habit of carb counting but it’s been difficult with everything else going on and the fact that I’ve never really counted carbs in the 10 years I’ve been a diabetic.