Diet Soda: ADDICTED!

OK so I’m sipping on a diet soda right now, which is rare for me. I gave up the daily habit late last year in favor of mineral water. I still have a Diet Pepsi every now and again when I feel like it, but for the most part, I try to avoid it. I’ve heard stories about possible long term effects…

When I was diagnosed, I was encouraged to drink as much diet soda as I wanted. Doctor said, “This is the only thing you can drink that’s sweet and won’t affect your blood sugar.” Since then I’ve had at least one diet soda every day for over fifteen years. Usually more…I could easily finish a 2-liter bottle in one evening if I wanted.

I was totally addicted until the day I said enough is enough. This stuff can’t be good for me.

So is anyone else out there a current or recovering dietsodaholic? Does anyone else believe that they put sugarfree crack in this stuff?

I drink diet soda all the time and I will not stop! :o) I too have been drinking it since I was little and nothing has happened to me yet so I refuse to think that something will. They seem to find something bad that can come of eating or drinking everything don’t they? Hi my name is Stacey and I am a diet soda addict LOL.

hiiiii Staceeeey.

Hi. My name is Jonathan and I am a DIET SODA ADDICT. I do not drink coffee, so I need to get my caffeine somewhere. About 8 years ago, I went off, cold turkey, and that lasted about 6 months. But I missed my Diet Coke, and my Diet Dr. Pepper, and my Diet Brown’s Raspberry and Cream Sodas, and my…

I usually have one or two cans with breakfast and lunch and also probably average about 1 per hour during the work day. It’s 4:30 in the afternoon, and there are 7 empty cans in my recycle bin and one half-empty one on my desk.

If it is bad for me, I’m not sure I want to know. I swear, I should get an award from Coca Cola for how much DC I consume. Why can’t there be a frequent drinker’s program?

hiiiii Jonathaaaan.

Stacey and I are pretty much the same when it comes to this subject :slight_smile: I love my soda. I’ve been drinking it since 1978, before Diet Coke, back when it was Tab, Fresca and Diet Rite. Can you imagine only 3 choices?? Ahh, the old days. Nothing bad has ever happened to me that I can connect to it. I enjoy it immensely, and it’s nice to consume something I enjoy without having to count or calculate anything. It’s my little oasis in a dessert of carbs, calories and fat - so to speak anyway. If someone thinks it’s bad for them and chooses to not drink it, that’s their business. What gets me all riled up is people who lecture me about how diet soda is evil, how my brain is going to implode from drinking it, etc. Mind your own stinking business! Considering I’ve had the 'betes for 30 years, my health is reasonably good, and without a lick of evidence that the soda is doing bad things to me, I ain’t giving it up. So there.

All that being said, I don’t feel addicted to it. When I’ve run out, I just drink Crystal Lite, iced tea or flavored waters, and I don’t get the shakes or whatever from not having it. I just like it a lot.

hiiiii Lee Aaaann.

Hell yes!!!
I have had db since '74 and yes indeed I remember when Tab and Fresca were the only thing available. Also, there was pre-sweetened Kool Aid which tasted like they’d stirred iron filings into it.
I go through it by the gallon - at work, I’ve gotta have a Diet Pepsi as soon as I sit down. Now I’m also lapping up Coke Zero. Gotta have it.
I try not to keep any any home, though, but now the grocery store is having these really good summer sales…
Just take a look at the zillion websites that talk about aspartame toxicity and you’ll be freaked. It seems to be a neurotoxin, causing everything from symptoms of MS to fuzzy thinking. …
If anyone has any foolproof way to kick this monster, do tell.

hiiiii Kathyyyyy

Hi. My name is Saundra and i am a diet soda addict. If it isn’t diet Sunkist orange, it’s diet Coke, diet Dr. Pepper, diet Sprite, you name it. If it is diet, I have probably tried it. Yes, I know it is supposed to be bad for me and I am sure there will probably be plenty of people who will tell me it will kill me. I drank regular soda up until I was about 21 or 22. My Mom and Dad loved soda and we only got them on very special occasions. Yes, I drink water too. Upon occasion i also drink coffee I gave up most alcohol when i was diagnosed and found out what it did to my blood sugars. My diet soda sits just fine in my stomach. I really don’t want to stop drinking it

I TRY, with try being the operative word, to limit my soda intake to one or two 20 oz bottles or cans per day. I do drink a lot of diet green tea with citrus flavor. That is pretty good stuff. Drink V-8 juice too (a lot less carbs than OJ or other fruit juices). As far as diet sodas go, Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Dr. Pepper, Coke Zero, (for some reason I like it better than Diet Coke), Sierra Mist, Sprite, A & W Root Beer, etc. I guess that I too am a diet soda addict.

Hmmmmm… Are we gonna have to start DSA (Diet Soda Anonymous)??? LOL!!!

V-8 is great, but nothing beat my diet soda. I really miss Tab from before DC came along.

Are there 12 steps involved in DSA?

I’m in. Do we really have to start now?

I can still find Tab sometimes, but only in cans which are not my preference. Occasionally, I’ll get them though just because I like it so much.

You have to watch the sodium in V-8. It’s ridiculously high. There’s a low-sodium version though.

I am addicted to diet coke. I have tried to quit but am not a nice person without my diet coke. I do not drink any other diet sodas.

Hello everyone my name is Dino, and I am a dietsodaholic.

It’s been five hours since my last drink, a Diet Coke from the cafe at work. I recognize that I have a disease called diabetes which has somehow led me to drink more diet soda in the past 17 years than most intelligent humans ever should. Just because it is sweet and doesn’t affect my blood sugar doesn’t mean I should drink diet soda nonstop everyday from morning till night.

Diet soda is not a substitute for water. It is not OK to bathe or wash my clothes in diet soda.

I know that diet soda contains aspartame, AKA Nutrasweet, AKA Equal, AKA sugarfree crack, which keeps me feening for that sweet low carb goodness. I will continue to research the effects of Aspartame so that I will not be surprised when they find a giant sugarfree kidney stone inside of me down the road. I will remember this post when I am forced to pass said kidney stone.

OK I don’t know if diet soda gives you kidney stones or any other ailment. All I know is that anything addicting is a drug, and I know my body could use a lot less of whatever is in that wonderful magic elixer. Please, fellow addicts, handle with care :slight_smile:

I enjoy diet sodas, and usually have two or three flavours in the cupboard. The Canadian Superstore carries pomegranette, lychee, cranberry, black currant, and raspberry, amongst other flavours. Yum!

I used to love Tab, but that was before they changed the saccharin to aspartame. There was something about the bitterness of the taste.

The low-sodium v-8 is great. Far better than the regular kind. I even use it as a replacement in many recipes for tomoto paste.

Hello there, my name is Jaime, and I am also a dietsodaholic. I currently have a diet Sunkist within arms reach. I am also known to drink diet pepsi, diet cherry pepsi, diet coke, diet mt. dew, and sprite zero. I was also a fan of diet black cherry vanilla coke, which is now no longer.

I don’t like tea, coffee, or milk. I think that some juices taste okay, but they’re usually the ones that aren’t good for me (I don’t like fruit much.). So I have little options when it comes to beverages. Diet soda comes in so many carb-less flavors that I don’t think I will ever be able to give it up.

And, really… who wants to take a shot for a liquid, anyway?

Is it 12 steps, or 2 six packs?