Bad insulin?

Clara has been high consistently for the past 2 weeks. She’s growing, and I presume this is the reason that what had been working is no longer working, but it made me wonder. If her insulin (Humalog) was bad, how would I know?

Open a new bottle. If the numbers are better, the insulin presumably isn’t as potent as it should be.

I was told by my nurse that if its cloudy then its bad.

That stuff is finicky. I notice a little bit of a difference in my bg’s every time I use a brand-new vial.
I would open a new vial and see if that makes a difference. If it doesn’t, then her basal rates (or long-acting insulin, if she’s not on a pump) probably need to increase. I think trying a new vial is the only way to know if the existing stuff is less potent.

I live in Arizona and I get my Insulin mail order a lot of times I get a 90 day supply at a time.
The other day I got a shipment of Lantus and it was warm the ice packs were warm too.
I have had bad highs in the morning and now believe it is the Lantus.
I feel like I can’t trust the mail order and will switch to a local pharmacy.
But the whole lot is bad.
I called the mail order place and they said I have to inform them the same day I get it.

It’s hard trouble shooting your sugars but to have bad insulin too thats @#@$%^%$!!!

You really should have rejected the shipment. Your mail order place has a duty to deliver it to you within the limits allowed for storage. Lantus “must” be refrigerated or it must be thrown out in 28 days. That is what the supplier says. If the ice pack was “warm” this shipment was ruined. There is no testing to be performed, it should have been replaced.

I have had a similar situation happen before. The problem for me is that my insurance makes me use the mail order on any “maintenance” medications. With this shipment they sent me a letter telling me they were going to check the weather report and if it wasn’t suppose to be over 86 degrees they would not over night insulin anymore. Needless to say when I used insulin from this shipment (this shipment didn’t even come with a cold pack) my blood sugars would get high. Since I am forced to use it I called and asked for a supervisor. After asking for the supervisor’s supervisor I told them they were flat wrong with their new policy and they could be potentially causing deaths with this new policy and they would be lucky not to get a law suit. I have since never received my insulin that way again.