Bad Pods or Bad Absorption?

I am now going through the same experiences and am getting rather concerned. I have been on the pod for about 10 months now. It started with my right thigh. My sugars would be fine for a day and then get extremely high. I knew there was an issue when I would bolus in the middle of the night and wake up with an even higher sugar. Now, the same appears to be happening on my right thigh. I am good about rotating sites, that’s why I’m upset about not using my thighs, they offer the largest area. My trainer has told me it could scar tissue, bad absorption. Has anyone stopped using a site for a while and then gone back to it? Did that help? I was using both arms, thighs and abdomen. My concern now is since I cannot use my thighs will the same happen to other areas, especially since now I will be using them more. What have tube pumpers done. All tube pumpers I have met only use their abdomen … havent heard of aborption issues.

For those that use the upper buttocks, how is that for sleeping? Same with the back. I’ve considered those sites but I do find myself sleeping on my back quite a bit.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Pete from Wisconsin

On twitter… I follow the #bgnow conversations all day long and I see many tubed pumpers changing because a site seems to not be working as well… I feel… from what I see on twitter that his is a pump issue not just an omnipod issue… the only thing I do know that they have differently is that you can pick the size canula you like best… Omnipod had to come up w/ a size that could be good for both kids and adults…thus it is a middle of the road size and might not be a “one size fits all” for some of those who use it. I have talked to my son’s pump instructor about this and Omnipod is aware of this issue and is thinking about offering different sized canulas and you order the size that you want. Put… you and I know that any changes like this have to go though miles and miles of red tape first. So for now…I just think of this as one of the many many variables that are a pain in the A$$ to deal with but you just have to do the best you can with.

My son (age 5) and I have been on the pods for about 7 months. For some reason, it does seem to get easier. However, one thing I’ve noticed is that I have to have different basals for different sites. I had to have a 20% increase overall for my lower back. Since it’s one of my favorite spots, I created a new basal for it. For my son, when it’s on his stomach, he needs more basal during the day, but not at night. For his lower back, he needs more for day and night. Now we are dealing with adjusting for summer - less basal for hours when he used to be asleep. Before I was creating these different basals, we would often run in the 200’s (me) or 300’s (him). First I do a temp basal if we start running high, and when I see the pattern, I create and name a new basal for that spot.