Bad pods

Ok ... I just had to change out a pod due to the pod releasing from the tape while I slept last night. I was hoping I could use some tape to hold it on til tomorrow but no go. So the cannula pulled out. So now this is pod number 4 in 3 days. Two pods went bad with the Beep of Doom. Is there really anything you can do if the pods are bad?? It seems like it's ever other one that is going bad. Is air getting in when I put the insulin in or could it be just a bad batch of pods??

How are you filling your pods? Pushing the insulin in very fast, or slow and steady (like a 5-6 second count between the start and end of your push)? Are you using cold insulin fresh from the frig, or is it room temp? Pods like room temp much better. There are several discussions about bad pods due to these two factors (among others) if you search using the box at the top of the omnipod discussion forum page. That may be part of the cause (although I'm sure there could be others :-) Hope the learning curve of adjusting to podding goes smoother for you in the future!

I wish I knew - we have been using the pod for a year and a half and have had very few problems until this last month. We've had about 10 pods go bad in a couple of weeks. (As well as a PDM malfunction, and a replaced PDM) We've had them all replaced, but it's getting a little frustrating for my son. He had one go into "beeeeeeep" mode just before his Christmas concert at school. I replaced it, and as soon as we got home from the concert, the next one started, and we had to replace THAT one. We haven't had 2 good pods in a row for weeks. : (

The insulin is room temp. I think I was pushing it in slow and steady. I'm just worried about running out of pods. My family practice doc is the one that prescribed the pod to me. Than I went to see the Endo after the family practice wrote the script. So I ended up with 20 pods where the Endo prescribed 50 pods, but that script got cancelled. So the next set of pods are going to be sent out on Jan 2nd. By the way, I get the pods from a 3rd party, not Inselt themselves.

I would call whichever doctor you need to and get the script re-written for the higher amount (make it for every 2 days, so you get more, even if you wear it for 3...that's what most of us do so we have a few more on hand). And definitely call Insulet about the ones that went bad in priming to get them replaced (they'll probably ship them out w/ your next order rather than sending them out ahead of time). You may also want to find out who your local pod rep is (if you don't have that contact already) and hit them up for a few spare pods (they carry extra for "emergencies" most of the time) just to cover you until your next shipment arrives.

It's just crazy. When I put the insulin in at the diabetes education, it went just fine. But when I get home.. I get the bad pods. Thanks for the info Bradford. I order my pods online and I was able to change the amount they will send out, so hopefully they'll send out 5 boxes instead of 2.

When I first started podding I was not told to keep the new pods seperate from where I was changing the old one. So when I would deactivate a pod all the new ones were sitting right there. And when I would start a new pod all the other new ones were sitting right there......

Needless to say it causes them some problems. I must have gone through 5 or 6 before someone thought to ask me about that. And it took me less than a week to go through that many. Now I go back and forth from room to room during the changing process. I will never again start or stop a pod if others are around.

I dont get my pods direct from Insulet either. But still if you have one go bad just call Insulet and they will have them sent to the thrid party supplier. And the next time you have a shipment they will send them to you.

Anngelia - You know that might have been what happened! I was with in 5 feet of the old pod and the new one when I deactivated both times I had a bad pod.

Good point! I forgot to mention that. Definitely only have the one pod that you want to activate in the room that you're in (just to be safe). If you're travelling, make sure you keep the spare pods in your suite case in the room or closet while you change in the bathroom, etc.

We had 2 bad pods within 2 days. All of them with the long beep. One pod was deactivated right after I turned PDM on, second one I had to destroy to stop beeping (PDM wouldn't be able to connect to it). I always activate the pods in a separate room. Weird...

What is the lot number of the pods that are failing?

Other than the usual suspects that Bradford mentioned (room tempertaure insulin, etc), I think deactivating and activating pods a good distance from each other has been the key for decreasing the number of pod failures I've experienced. I think site selection has been another important factor...

...then, there are those superstitious routines that I have a tendency to develop. I always apply the pod I carry around in the case. On change days, I always carry an extra pod, and I always carry two (2) extra alcohol pads. I always take the new pod from the same side of the box and that pod always goes into my computer bag on change days only. Once I change pods, the pod from the computer bag rotates into the case. Rinse, repeat...

...then there's that Gregorian chant thing and thing about not shaving on pod change days...

This lot number is L30423 122515 I don't know exactly which is the lot number.

mine is L30401. we just have to hope that every other pod will not fail. :)

my son really likes the pods, but the failing is frustrating him

In regards to the tape coming undone and the cannula coming out, I've had the same problem too but I think I figured it out. Whenever I put a pod on a curved area of my body that isn't totally flat, like my arm or on the side of my stomach, the tape comes undone and the cannula comes out because of the angle. And boy does it hurt when the cannula presses back against your skin! I try to put it on the flattest part of my body I can or at least the cannula end on a flat part and make sure I press the tape down really well.

Hope that helps!

With two of us on pods in our home, we have had our fair share of bad pods!!! It is really hard for the little ones - he will endure 2 pod changes within a day (which has happened many times), but when we get up to 4 pod changes in 2 or 3 days - well, it just breaks my heart with the tears that start flowing. For me, the bad pods seem to come in waves (boxes damaged? who knows), but for him we have all kinds of errors. We do everything that you are supposed to do, I think that there are just bad/beeping pods out there. I am thankful when we have weeks with no bad pods! I LOVE this product for myself, and can get through failed pods, but sometimes I wonder if this is the best product for my son. :-( He has friends on "traditional" pumps, and he is still saying he likes the pods (but that tune changes quick when we have many failed pods in a row!).

Mari - It was just a matter of sleeping on it and I turned over or something in the middle of the night and the tape came off the bottom half of the pod. So when I woke up it was just dangling from the cannula window tape. So when I put some foam tape on it a few hrs later... it kinda lost it's stickiness.

That's my current experience. I know he doesn't want to go with a tubed pump, but having 12 pods in 3 weeks, as well as two failed PDMs, causes him to "hate" the Omnipod. But he doesn't like any of his other options either. : (