Badly confused

Okay I’ve been dealing with really high BG for months dizziness sleep issues vision problems confusion twitches peeing more and more and more recently I’m constantly hungry I’m also an epileptic and an asthmatic and my gp finally did an a1c which was at 5.7 which is from what I’ve read great but I’ve also read an ingredient in one of my meds lowers the results I’ve ask for a referral to an endocrinologist but he has yet to give one now since yesterday morning I struggled to keep my sugars up around 80 or better drinking alot of juice and eating some candy but at dinner last night I spiked to almost 300 for a couple hrs (about 4) I tested every 30 min because I was feeling really really bad then it dropped to 80 any thoughts about all of this would b most incredibly appreciated

What type of meter do you use? Can you verify with calibration solution or with another meter? I’ve had issues with volatile readings before. How long have you been diagnosed?

I’m waiting for an apmnt he has given a diagnosis he basically blows me off with everything last week I bought a new one touch ultra and had the pharmacist calibrate it for me I’ve been watching my levels for about a year now because well it seems my gp is incompetent he just says I’m not concerned about it well it ain’t him feeling this way almost all day everyday day I’ve had times I had to pull off the road because of the way I felt

Sounds like you definitely need a second option. Nobody knows you as well as you do.

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Bradford your not kiddin bud I def need a new Dr. I don’t know that I mentioned it before but I’m an epileptic have been for the better part of 33years now my med for that is lamictol has been for almost 18years its been proven to affect hemoglobin this Dr never took that or anything else that could have affected an A1c into consideration not for even a second my test came back from there lab at 5.2 with a ±.5 variable knowing everything going on I asked twice for a referral for a endocrinologist and he said no flat out no I did get an at home gtt an that was a nightmare BG up to almost 300 and 3 hours after I suddenly dropped off to 65 and god I thought I was gonna black out so I grabbed 16g of glucose tabs and shot back up to 170 I’m well you can probably imagine how im feeling

Interesting in that the A1c is good so maybe meds are affecting the readings. Still, if lamictal dose is stable, why would the glucose change so quickly? Maybe new endo can answer that.
Otherwise, Will your insurance cover a Dexcom continuous glucose meter (CGM)? That will give you a reading every 5 minutes – equivalent of 288 finger sticks a day – great for seeing trends early in their course and in following your interventions. You will see your glucose heading up or down before any extreme which will allow you to intervene earlier. For example, if low, you can start with 5 grams of carbs and see what happens and add more later if needed. Less overshoot, less guess work.

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DrT that’s a great idea where would I go to get one of those devices also after my tireless research I think an endocrinologist would or may very well be the only one that can help get all this figured out if my Dr would give me a referral I’m honestly completely confused with everything

@diesel — Welcome to TuDiabetes! :: )

I agree that you need an endo. Any chance your neuro might refer you? In the meantime, it might be a good idea to minimize your carb intake to avoid/minimize hypers and the resulting hypos (AKA the D rollercoaster).

Here are some links to aid you in your research:

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Welcome to tud diesel. & I agree that you need a endo. & I do thing it a good idea, to minimize carb intake !.

@Dr_T1 @diesel Dr_T1 is correct. A CGM would absolutely help figure out the cause and effect of your BG roller-coaster. I thought I had a good idea of how foods effected BG before the CGM–but I was actually wrong about a lot of things. Very enlightening.

Thank you so much everyone for all your advice since I was last on things have really gotten weird my fasting has been dwn to under 120 and I was struggling all day just to stay in the upper 70’s and mid 80’s by struggling i mean lots of well I wouldn’t say lots but carbs and drinkin juice and sodas my neurologist said she could give me a referral but its gonna be probably 6 months before the endo up there can get me in but she said it definitely sounds like you have some damage to your pancreas and to get a new gp lol and suddenly today my numbers went rite back up now i will say i am one of them guys not afraid of anything tough as nails guys but i admit im genuinely afraid

Check out diesel’s other threads. He is writing a lot of things that are contradictory…

For example, see his “Is it diabetes” thread.

For a person who isn’t on hypo inducing meds, there is no need to maintain over 70. as this is a safety margin for those on hypo inducing meds.
For everyone else, It can be quite normal to be in the 60’s. True hypoglycaemia is under 50. Although you normally treat hypo symptoms at any number, by having something to eat.

For the epelepsy, google ketogenic and ask if that may be an option for you, that may help a bit.