My last A1c was 6.2 and now I cant get below 150?

My last A1c was 6.2 and now for the last 2 weeks I cant get below 150??? At first I thought it was the stress of the holidays and then I thought it was stress of my dad being in the hospital but for about 2 weeks now I am seeing really high numbers anywhere between 160’s - 320’s. I am opening a new meter tonight to keep things in perspective and make sure it is not a random number generator. My routine has not changed. Any thoughts???

I am sort of in the same place…My highs have not been as consistant as yours, but way more frequent than usual and that a 6.2 would warrant. I have been wondering if I have an infection somewhere. The other possibility I have considered is the extra alcohol while celebrating might have caused a dehydration of sorts and raised the #'s the next few days. I am on the Opod so do change it every 3 days. Maybe your new meter will be the answer. Have you been feeling worse? I really don’t feel the highs, but still do the lows, thankfully.

Hey Ron - diabetes can be a real roller coaster ride at times I’m telling you. Yes, stress can effect our BG’s - but who can avoid stress - it’s just part of life - sigh. Like Diabeterific has asked you - what are your BG’s when you wake up? Maybe you will have to change your basal doseage, or for now, just correct with giving abit more insulin at meal times. I’d have to be in your shoes (or sandals not sure what your pref is in footwear) - as to what you’re doing.

I guess, yes, using a different meter, fresh strips might make a difference.

Keep us posted okay? I just know for myself, and not sure if this comment will help yo feel better, sometimes I can’t explain why my BG’s go wacky, I will correct, but then things go back to normal, and I go back to the regular routine. It’s a real mind game sometimes with diabetes, even for someone like me (I’ve been diabetic 42 years now).

I have been waking up in normal or close to normal ranges and going wacky from there!!!

When I have no explanation I usually swap my insulin. I put the used insulin into the fridge in case this makes no difference. You wrote that your night is okay so I would start to renew the rapid acting insulin first.

me too.

Given that your diagnosis was in 2008, it could be that you body is now producing less insulin than previously. You may need to increase your insulin dose. If a new vial of insulin doesn’t solve the problem, I would consider increasing insulin doses and talk to you doctor about it.

Hope that your BGs will improve!

WOW This must be an epidemic my last A1C was also 6.2 down from 7.1 three months before, now my numbers are mostly high, lows are at high 100,s and it looks like I’m averaging a steady mid to upper 200’s with trips up into the 400’s every once in a while. I can test at one time and then two hours later I will notice a huge increase with no Carb intake. Calling the Endo this week to find out what gives or what we can do about it all my food intake has remained the same as before at a less than 45 Carb meal.

Is this fun or what. ROFLOL

Exchanging insulin is the first thing I do with unexplained highs. CVS always gives me a fresh vial with no questions asked. I check to be sure it’s a new lot number.

Ratios do change over time & space. Cold weather effects me with higher numbers. Maybe it’s because I’m less active & feel like hibernating, maybe it’s the lack of sunshine. Lack of sleep sends me higher also.

Stress can have residual effects after the fact, so that might be a factor.

When I have bouts like this that new insulin doesn’t help, I cut back on what I’m eating to kind of reset myself.

Maybe Gerri is on to something…am I the only one experiencing these higher #'s with no obvious explanation living through a cold front? I am in South FL and we are having weather in the 40’s and 50’s. It is a treat to not be sweating, but unusual to feel so chilly. I have been worrying about neuropathy for the first time as my feet feel icey!

I have to turn up the insulin along with the thermostat:)

Maybe our bodies need additional insulin in colder weather to maintain metabolism. Maybe it’s a throwback to the days when those of us from colder ancestral climates ate more in winter to survive. Or, maybe I’m just weird!

Ah Ha!!! That’s why I eat so much around the winter holidays! My Scandinavian ancestors!

LOL on the thermostat Gerri. I know for myself, living in the cooler climate of Canada (it’s a balmy -11C / 12F) I never have really factored in that perhaps that’s why I use more insulin, then when I’m further south (e.g. Florida), and the temps are warmer. Last month when I was in Miami, I was having probs with hypos, and had reduced my TDD (Total Daily Doseage) from 23 units to 15 units. I know in the summer here in Montreal (very brief - close your eyes - poof - OVER) - I have to reduce my TDD. Just never thought about it until everyone brought up the cooler temp scenario for the higher BG’s.

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I will hire you in a heart beat! BUT i live in ohio and there’s snow outside right now. I despise cleaning and currently have junk everywhere, and the dish fairy has yet to come visit me this winter :’( i swear i just want to buy paper plates and plastic spoons. I’m also looking for a cook :slight_smile:

if my a1c EVER gets close to 7, let alone 6. I will have a party. Till then thank your lucky stars.

Must be it. Mine are from Russia—brrrr!

I’d hire you, too, Anna! (However, Fl is not so warm right now. ) I am looking for a cooler place to live in the summer…can we work out a deal?

My numbers are up too. I don’t know if it’s too much Christmas, but I am due to get new insulin pens. Maybe I’ll change tomorrow.

Strips are pretty finicky if you don’t keep them in the recommended temp range.

Also the stress of your blood sugars being high could contribute to them being high. I’d try the extra insulin, and also replacing the insulin. I’ve had both strips and insulin be the problem. It is really good that you are waking at a good BS, b/c that means you are probably sleeping better.

Oh, and Kudos for keeping on top of your blood sugars.