Basal Rate, Exercise & Weight Loss

Hello Everyone! I am a virgin TU user so bare with me. I use a Medtronic Paradigm. I hated the CGM from Medtronic. It constantly said I was Low and I wasn't. The DNE told me she uses a Dexcom with her Medtronic, but did I listen? Nope! So I don;t have a CGM. My HgA1c is usually about 6.5. I've never been below 6. I am 6'1" tall and am 50 pounds overweight after resigning from Teaching Special Ed. I am about to start a new career. ANYWAY...... I have started a workout routine 4 X week and I ride the bike every day but Sunday- going a little further each time. I have been writing down my readings (8 per day) and have adjusted my basal rate accordingly. I get low all too often trying so hard to stay right at 90-110. Now when I get low I eat 4 glucose tablets instead of juice or milk= less calories. Problem? I am not losing weight.
here's the kicker: I had a bilateral kidney transplant from a 5 y/o cadaver donor in 1997. So my kidneys are pretty young (: I have to take certain medications to keep from rejecting. One of the meds is Prednisone= cherub looking cheeks and a fuzzy (blonde) face. Have to deal with the side effects- no choice. So 2 weeks ago I started to swell. Up to 8 pounds a day. I call the Doc and she says it's a side effect of my new Blood Pressure med. She cut down the dose but I had to wait for it to come by mail (husband works for the Federal Govt). I looked up the med. and saw that it takes 7-8 days for it to leave the body. So I've not been taking it & have been watching my BP. So far so good. Maybe when ya hot 50 your body simply retains water??
What I'm looking for is: How do you lower your basal rates and eat less carbs? Any advice is appreciated.
Sorry for the partial life story! I have all kinds of stories to tell... When I was pregnant my husband got a funny feeling and came home. There I was butt naked on our front porch swing with red lipstick on my lips. Back in the house, the pot of water I put on to make soup, had dried up and was on fire. Hubs put the fire out and called 911. I swore to the paramedics that I was "FINE!". Have others of you felt psychotic during a Low BG? We actually become temporarily psychotic when the only place left to get glucose is your brain!!
Enough, I will shut up now.

Thanks for sharing your story. I think as long as you are not butt naked on the porch with the house on fire, you're doing great!!

I think the question is about lowering basal rates and eating less carbs. If your BG are ok and levels smooth, I think that you can leave your 'settings' the same because the basal should be flat and the ratio would be ok to cover a lowered # of carbs. I've lost some weight over the years and usually will be able to shave off some pounds if I find some carbs to get rid of. If your calories are where they should be, it may also be useful to eat some more protein to balance your diet so you don't undereat and sort of plateau as your metabolism slows. Try less carbs, see how your BG is, if you run low after food, cut back the ratio and if it's before meals, cut back the basal. Easy as pie, LOL...eek!

Thanks for the advice. I am not sure about changing the ratios but the rest of what you said sounds like what I am doing. I just finished reading a long forum conversation spanning many months. Ir was how to cut carbs from breakfast. Got some good ideas.
The naked pregnant day was 23 years ago. Now I just get brain dead and not able to comprehend. What happens when you drop? I have been a R1D for so long I don;t have typical reactions any more.

Well, good night AcidRock23 & take care. -jenny

Hi Jenny,

I'm on mdi- I can't reduce my basal, but going lo carb did help me reduce insulin and get good bg control. I was gaining weight on lantus and switched to levemir.

re: the bp med... my father was on bp meds which caused swelling and then low sodium and kidney problems.. maybe you can change to another med? I'm not sure with everything else you have going on.

I love your hilarious low story! So far I haven't gone psychotic from one but I do get quite tense and crabby sometimes either that or I feel drunk and silly which can be fun actually.. I'm usually too worried about passing out to manage to take my clothes off though, lol

I can handle lows ok unless I am under 45..I get loopy in the 50's ( silly, hyper foot in mouth talk; shaky anxious and fearful in the 40's, sleepy and want to lie down when in the 30's If I am under 30 I am headed to hallucinations maybe a pass out. I have seen the Cheerios box with a drooling mouth full of fangs in the low 30's though. I have been standing talking ( incoherently, and totally non-rational,) at 19.
Jenny how have your problems with swelling and BP meds been? Hope you are doing better.

God Bless,

Hi meee,

I'm glad you were amused my my story. I think my book will sell well on the shelves once I finish it and THEN find a publisher. My new BP med is working and I am only swelling a little. I am thinking it's just part of being 50 ??? I don't feel my current Nephrologist has my best interests at heart. My old Nephr. knew me from the beginning, while I was pregnant, and although he is a drive away I think I will return to him.
Take care of yourself and keep your clothes on (:

Hi Brunetta! Doc found a new BP med for me. Only problem is taking it 3 times a day. I don't have any other meds I take at lunch time... but I am putting the bottle out on the counter by my glucometer and that helps. If I am working I put it in my lunch box. BP are much better. I still swell every day but not nearly as bad. Two pounds of water each night. I am thinking of switching back to my original kidney doc. He's an hour's drive but he truly cares about me!!
How often do you get low? How do you treat your lows? You look like you are in great shape! I have 47 more pounds to lose. Luckily I am super tall so I hide it well. You look rather tall too. Funny, some of my favorite colleagues were our Speech Therapists. Always very kins people!!

God Bless you too Dear,

I am 5'10, pretty tall. I treat my lows with glucose tabs, skittles ( 1 gram carbs per skittle); and if really low, say the mid to low forties, I will drink a 17 gram low sugar Capri sun. Liquids generally do the trick, quick.. I try to stay away from the skittles. They taste so good I will eat more than I need and later rebound high. So I put 15 of them in a little zip lock bag. I usually do not need all 15 gms to rise my bg's up. I need but 6 7to inch me up if I am in the 60's.

Jenny, a book sounds like a good idea, I'm sure you have more stories to tell. That is good the new bp med is working and I think it is better to go back to the nephrologist who cares. I will do my best to keep my clothes on, lol!