Basal Rate

I was wondering if I lower my basal rates will that help me lose a few pounds. I’vbeen watching my carbs and walking but my weight remains the same. I feel that it’s the constant flow of insulin from my basal rates is the reason I can’t lose weight. Maybe
the constant flow of insulin is telling my liver to release glucose and fat that is stored in the liver. I’m in descent shape except for my stomach. I don’t drink and have cut back on the fats and carbs but can’t lose any lbs.


This is a question for your physician I think. We take insulin to stay alive and adjust it to keep our blood sugar levels normal.

I have grave misgivings about adjusting insulin levels for any other purpose, such as to control weight. First things first.

But ask your doctor.


I’d rather ask others who are diabetic. I don’t depend on doctors only, I try to figure things out some. I find that doctors are so busy. I think what I said has some merit but was wondering if someone had a similar problem or could contradict what I said.


Hi Dennis,
I cannot contradict what you say. I personally have talked to my doctor about cutting back my basal rate and we have trimmed off 4 units per shot. I am keeping a close log of all the results and we are going to talk about it at the next visit. It has been a month now and i don’t see any difference in my weight. I was talking to my type 1 son last night and he said he thinks we need to check more hormone levels. My next doctor’s visit is next week and we will be discussing various blood work we need to do, so I will ask him then about other hormones.
I am keeping a close eye on my blood sugars and diet and so far the only thing I can see are more bounces in my blood sugars with less Lantus. They seem to come up more in mid afternoon and my FBS in the mornings. I don’t snack and i keep to my diet so the only thing I can see for me is the smaller doses. I want to have my 4 extra units back.

If lowering your basal rates raises your blood sugars to unacceptable levels, then you are playing a dangerous game. If you are going to lower your basal rate or your boluses, then you have to either eat less, exercise more, or a combination of both.

I would suggest you read John Walsh’s Pumping Insulin, where he discusses ex-carbs. You can lower your bolus amounts combined with increased physical activity to both lose weight and keep your sugars normal, for instance. Or lower your basal rate prior to exercise. Either way, the bottom line is that you burn calories and keep your sugars in an acceptable range. I took less basal insulin while on vacation, because I was walking for hours every day with sightseeing. My sugars stayed normal, as opposed to going low, and I lost 8 lbs in two weeks.

Wow Maureen. Way to go !!! That is fantastic. Unfortunately walking for hours is not an option for me. Just walking itself is a blessing for me each day. I exercise as much as possible each day and use small hand weights also besides doing my work. I make sure to get all of the range of motion things done and stay as active as possible, but can barely manage to get to the bathroom without the pain meds. I will keep working on increasing the exercise and will remember your excellent example.

Thanks Maureen, and everyone for your replies I apreciate your time.


I am new to all this, and so take what I say with a grain of salt…

I think what he was asking was not if I can loose weight by adjusting his doses, but that if his doses were incorrect could it cause him difficulty in loosing weight, and from what I have read so far the answer is yes. I agree with Terry, you need to talk to your doctor about this.

The other thing to consider is maybe your body is happy the way it is, I know it sounds funny but sometimes you need to shake things up a bit, like a lot more exercise.

I think the best solution is lowing lowering your bolus’s if you replace them with lower food intake and/or exercise.

i agree. cuase, you rlly rlly neeed those basals!! other wise your likely to get screwed up.
=[ maybe there is another reason your having problems losing weight. goood luckk!