Battling retinopathy--could really use some input

I have been battling retinopathy for two years. I have had multiple laser treatment, several shots if Avastin and one vitrectomy. The eye bleeds just keep on coming. I have had very stable a1c 's for the past several years – 6.2 to 6.4. I’m trying to get it under 6. I have seen a number of different people post about having gone through severe retinopathy to come out the other side with stable vision. I would love to hear from some of these people now about their journeys. How long did if take for things to stabilize? What did it finally take? Were you able to keep working? I could really use some encouragement here. I feel like its swallowing me whole.

Oh my, Cinderfella. AND you sew! Not many of us left, except quilters.

Retinopathy is no picnic. However, with the right doctor you can be OK. I was diagnosed in 1991 and over 2-3 years I had additional flare ups, but wonderful care. Lasers were key and I totally attribute my ability to see, drive, and most importantly read to my eye doc. If you are in the DC area, contact me and I can give you his information. He has been a godsend.

It was 22 years ago and the tech is better. Plus, I had been in a car crash at 12 and broke the orbit of my left eye and my cheekbone. I had five surgeries between age 12 and 22. AND severe retinopathy was just an additional kick in the keister. I had numerous laser treatment--all were worried about my former eye problems.

My doc is a saint. I have been a very careful PWD for many years, but it just caught up with me. My only complication in 50 years.

Find a GOOD doc for this--do the research. I was terrified, but have survived very well.

Thank you for your story. I’m looking for major encouragement. Can anyone else offer me something positive?

I was 1st diagnosed with retinopathy in just my left eye in the mid-80s. After many laser sessions, the last in 1993 things have settled down & I've had no more problems. My vision in that eye is no longer 20/20 even with glasses but so far the right eye is fine so I can see OK. At the time of diagnosis my control was sort of ho-hum, this was a wake up call & I started using a BG meter & taking more notice of my T1D, but it is still my only side effect even after 50+ years.

Wow, that’s wonderful.