Retinopathy Sufferers

I am reaching out to all folks who are suffering Diabetic Retinopathy. I have suffered from it since 1998, I have had over 30 laser surgeries (on both eyes) 5 Vitrectomies (3 on the left, 2 on the right) and just last week I had my first Cataract removal, (I have Cataracts in both eyes from all the laser surgery). I would hate to think I am in this alone, my eye doctor is the BEST…but I havent seen alot about this condition anywhere in TU. I am up for a second cataratct removal in a few months.

In the early 90’s I had some bleeding. I was just bringing myself into tight(er) control. I had a series of bleeds over the years and had a number of laser treatments. For the last several years I’ve been seeing a retinologist every 6 months. I’ve had no changes in quite a long time. I still have weird floaters. They drove me nuts when they first happened but I usually just move my head and make them get out of the way these days.

Hi Steve: :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that you have been and are going through so much. I had Retinopathy in my left eye, way back in the early '80’s. Thankfully with the laser treatments(2 visits) my Ophthalmologist was able to repair it and my eyes have been stable since regarding that concern.

I did get cataracts a few years ago due to some prolonged sessions on Prednisone for my other chronic disease. I had those repaired also but just recently developed a “wrinkle” in my new lens which my Ophthalmologist just did a 20 second laser on and now it’s doing okay. That’s it for me.

I knew of others who have had the laser and the Vitrectomies on other forums a few years ago. So no, you are not alone. Here is the link to the Eye Complication Group on this forum, if you haven’t been there yet. Take a peek. Maybe someone has had a similar experience as you. I wish you the Very Best Steve.