Bayer contour USB next one versus accu-chek instant

My hospital decided now to switch to accu-chek, in the past they had it, but I didn’t like it the version had a sort of roll of instant blood tips, spoiled too many. I asked to switch over to Bayer contour USB and later to USB next one. So is accu-chek inferior to Bayer? Tell me…

It depends on exactly which meter/strips you are speaking of.
IMHO, one company is not better nor inferior to another.
However, different meters/strips use different technology and all are not equal.

Although you often hear that a meter can be off by 20% or 15% or whatever, that is the FDA minimum requirement and many meters are shown through clinical testing to be far superior to the minimum standards.

We use the Bayer “Contour Next” meters/strips and find them to work quite well with very good accuracy and consistency.

Roche has a new line of Accu-Check meters/strips of which I am not familiar.

Just as there is a big difference between the older Bayer “Contour” vs the newer “Contour Next”, I would assume as well there is a significant difference between the older Roche Accu-Check line and the newer line. I find the naming of the meters between the old lines and the new lines to be quite confusing and even more so for those companies which I am not familiar with. Almost certainly this has to be intentional and was deemed by some marketing expert somewhere to be beneficial.

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Thanks Tim for your answer, the Accu-Chek uses FastClix from Roche, I have no experience with these…

That is the lancet. Actually not related to the meter or the strip in any way. (Other than by who makes or markets it.)
EDIT - It does look like one of the Roche meters has this somehow attached to the side and they sell it as an integrated device. I would still claim the lancet and the meter/strip are really two completely different and independent devices and only linked through the manufacturer or some sort of marketing campaign.

Although - we really like it and this is the lancet we use. (With our Contour Next One meter)


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LOVE that lancet device. Tis the only one I will use. (the only negative is that it doesn’t pierce in the center, which of course it can’t, using a drum of 6 lancets)

I recently decided to try out the mySugr bundle. That comes with an Accu-Chek Guide meter and unlimited strips. But, I wanted to make sure it was at least as precise as my Contour Next One. So, two weeks of simultaneously testing every single stick on both meters, I found they are extremely close to each other. There wasn’t a pattern of higher or lower but rather just different from each other by less than 10 points at most. I think in all that time there were three checks where the spread was wide enough to care. I ultimately stayed with my Contour Next One but that had nothing to do with the Guide. If I had to go with the Accu-Chek Guide I’d do so without concern.

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Did it give similar results if you ever went over 200? The problem I had with the Accu-Chek Compact and Accu-Chek Compact Plus was that once my blood sugar got over about 150 or 170 it would start showing falsely High numbers compared to any other meter brand that I had in the house at the time. That caused me to over bolus for highs

I’m going to see if I still have that log but my recollection is the few times I went higher than normal, meaning 200-225, it still matched the One within 10 points. The only complaint I had about the Guide is I had trouble getting single strips out of the newly designed container. Weird as it was supposed to be easier.

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The only complaint I had about the Guide is I had trouble getting single strips out of the newly designed container.

One meter that has strips I find frustrating to handle are those tiny, thin strips for one of the Lifescan meters–the Verio. Almost impossible to pick up from a flat surface, and hard to separate from other strips inside of the strip containers. Couple that with the meter that would suddenly lose power from it’s rechargeable battery and I gave up on that system. It wasn’t a faulty meter–I tried 2 or 3 of them, all with the same issue of suddenly being unable to use it due to a depleted battery.

I think that is the Verio IQ meter. I also found the rechargeable battery aspect of that meter to be unbearably annoying. Completely intolerable.

The Verio Flex doesn’t require recharging though. It has one of the round batteries that just needs to be replaced every few years. It works well for me.

Do you have the one touch reveal app?

I’m still using glucofacts for my usb next one, last container with strips and then I will switch over to accu-chek with according computer program, whatever that is. I have to, for I’m in a mutual convention with the hospital.

Perhaps. I can’t find it at the moment. I found a Verio Flex in a drawer, and that one has a replaceable button battery. And the strips for either still are a pain. :slight_smile:

Accu-chek is the best brand, my mother uses accu-chek active. However, I am planning to switch it to Accu-chek instant. It is overall better. My doctor says they are same, but clearly there are some major differences, have a read:

Hey, I have changed from instant to mobile now which has the injector which can be detached and used as a separate item. So I advise you to do the same, you can use your pc or tablet to view your results.


You mean AliveCor?