Which Device to Trust ? Accu-Check Nano or Bayer Contour Next EZ?

I am getting crazy.

I read a report that talk about the efficasy and percentage of good results on BG testing devices. I was using a Bayer Contour Next EZ glucometer and change for a Accu-Chek Nano. I just tested with both devices, with 30 seconds of difference.

Meter 1 (Accu-Chek Nano) reading was 149 mg/dl.
Meter 2 (Bayer Contour Next) was 119 mg/dl.

What do you think, which device is more trustable? Difference between them is 30 mg/dl.

Please let me know, I am new with this.


I always take my glucose readings on my own glucometer at the same time as I get my semi-annual lab blood work done so I can compare results to verify meter accuracy.

I switched from a One Touch Ultra Mini to a Bayer Contour Next EZ USB meter at the start of 2013. The lab results from my first blood test after getting the new meter showed my glucose at 130 mg/dl while my Bayer meter said I was at 110 mg/dl, 20 mg/dl lower than the more accurate lab reading. I took the Bayer meter to my pharmacist and exchanged for a new one, thinking the first one was faulty.

I just had another lab test done and compared that with the reading on the replacement Bayer meter. This time the Bayer meter was about 30 mg/dl lower than the lab results showed.

I don't have any experience with Accu-Chek meters but I'm disappointed with the accuracy of the Bayer Contour Next meters (and/or the strips they use).

Consumer Reports recently tested meters and gave the Aviva and Compact Plus models from Accu-Check a rating of 89 out of 100 - the highest scores given (the Freestyle Freedom Lite also got 89, while the Freestyle Lite got 88); the Bayer Contour only got 57 while the Contour USB got 56.

Honestly, because meters in generally are so imprecise and inaccurate, you're going to have to pick one and stick with it. Strip Safely has good information on how terrible our meter situation is. The current requirement in the US is + or - 20%, 95% of the time for readings above 75 mg/dL (I think it's 75), and then some other standard that I can't remember at the moment for readings below that.

All you can do right now is pick one and hope for the best. You can take it to your doctor and see how it compares to your lab work, but even then, it's going to be off, but hopefully it will be within the specified range.

You can try this site.
SKUP is a Scandinavian co-operation for evaluation of near patient laboratory equipment. Just click the british flag, and you will get all the results for meters they have tested in Scandinavia in english, including Bayer Contour Next. This is the results the officials in Scandinavia consider when they make their approvals of meters.

The meter you have is the Contour XT (same as Next), didnĀ“t find the Nano on their site just other meters from Accu-Chek.