BD Nano Needles

BD came out with what they claim is the smallest needle ((4mm) the shortest and thinest needle for injection pens made yet.

Has anyone used these and how do they work?


Those are the ones i used. I had getting the insulin to stay in on my arms, but everywhere else it worked great!
I HATED the Novofine needles though. One of them bent after it went through my skin, and hurt HORRIBLY coming out.

I’ll stick to BD for everything now, thanks. :wink:

I am currently using the 0.23/0.25x6mm. I have been using this for over a year but changed pharmacies and they filled the script with 8mm and it was like shooting with a telephone pole. I kept a sample and my next ENDO visit showed him my smaller neddle and he re-wrote the script. I have real good results with the 6mm

had trouble getting the insulin to stay in on my arms*

Thank you Seagator. I am not always the most careful and if they are that thin I would likely have problems. Thanks also for everyones post

when i was still on pens, by doctor had me using a 32 gauge needle made by novo nordisk, except it was a 6mm needle, and although it is smaller than the 30 gauge syringes i use, i can’t tell much of a difference in how it feels going in

Yup thanks Seagator. I guess it does pay to complain. I am sticking with the larger needles for now until I hear some more feedback. Thanks. Pauly

I switched back to the long needles by BD. The short ones hurt me more plus the stinging that I used to get with my Lantus went away with a longer needle - weird.

Interesting… I switched to the new Nano needles because they hurt less for me. I’m wondering if it really boils down to the cut of the needle. I’ve experienced 8mm syringes that hurt less than 6mm pen needles (both being 31 gauge).

I have always used the BD mini 5mm and we saw the BD nano on one of the magazines @ the endo’s office and she gave me a bunch of samples. they are just a TINY TEENY bit shorter but i think they hurt less, even tho it’s just 1mm, that’s still 1mm less in your skin HaHa! (could be just me psychologically) but I still have a whole box of 5mm, my husband is making me finish that box :frowning:

i used the long ones for awhile then i had my doctor switch me to the short ones ,seem to like
them both but i use the short ones more. and the long ones burn much more than the short.

I recently switched to the 4mm needles. I’d been using the 5mm ones before. It might only be 1mm difference but you can really feel it. Or rather, not feel it, they are so small I could walk around all day with one stuck in a relevant body part. I do however agree with folks who noted it bends easily. Also I found it was a little harder to put the cap back on the 4mm than the 5mm and once, I actually bent the 4mm and pierced the cap all the way through.

The other day I had a bunch of tulips and had to prick them to make them last longer. I couldn’t find a safety pin to do this so did it with my (used) 4mm needle.