Beat the depression


The Solution: Brown rice—one cup of cooked rice daily
The Science: Carbs help regulate the production of serotonin, a key neurotransmitter in controlling mood and suppressing anxiety. A complex carb like brown rice will give you the best high-carb-low-cal combo.

I find beans much more satisfying than brown rice. Black beans, garbanzos, etc. are loaded with fiber & protein. I often enjoy one-half cup with my eggs at breakfast. Also a little shout out for black soy beans which have a lower carb count.

Is there a study behind this "science?" For me, white rice and brown rice are both carbs, same blood sugar rise, same insulin required to cover. My sleep hasn't been affected by either.

Can't do rice, but I second the black soy beans. A few in a pot of chili are great.

Unfortunately sounds closer to an old wive's tale than sound science. And, as the others have said, rice whether white or brown doesn't work too well for many of us.

But there are definitely "natural" things that help with depression such as exercise and sunlight.

The brown rice sushi @ Whole Foods is pretty tasty and doesn't seem to crank my BG up at all. I've sort of noticed flatter curves coming out of brown rice than white rice but haven't taken enough notes to confirm my suspicion that it's better. If I have an option, I'll go brown. I eat rice but am pretty careful with it. I shudder when I think how much rice I'd eat back in the days...