Becoming Diabetic Nutritionist Specialist

It is my understanding that Diabetes Centers are accredited and that these centers have a "lock" on insurance reimbursement, namely many insurance companies will only cover education from an accredited program. I believe these programs must teach the MNT provided by the ADA/ADtA. My local center's director has told me this is the reason that they adhere to the guidance.

But as PatientX notes, you can go to a dietician and they are free to speak the truth. All they have to do is echo back whatever mantra is required for individual certification. I'd be interested in how many have had success getting insurance coverage for individual RDs or CDEs who are not part of an accredited program.

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Around here meal plans from diabetes centers are individualized and not cookie cutter. They have been for many years. I've found them helpful.

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There is some hope to more diversity in dietary roads... Though slow, I am convinced it's coming! :) I just saw one of the nutritionists they feature on the Early Show on CBS -- and she was asked how to reach a good HDL level... and she mentioned the things we all know to eat, plus she said "lowering your carbohydrates can also help you achieve this..." Right on! :D