Bedtime highs?

Hi everyone!
I’ve been noticing the last couple of days that my blood sugar goes up after dinner… much higher than it should. I’m on a carbohydrate counting diet, and although I take the right amount of insulin to carbohydrate, my 10.30pm or so blood sugar is consistently high.
Anyone have any idea why?
Any tips would be much appreciated, thanks!

What basal insulin are you using and when do you inject? Lantus and levemir sometimes have a plateau before 24 hours - if you normally take lantus or levemir in the evenings it could happen that your BG rise before your next dose. It helps to split your dose - You can ask your instructor - you can start with a split of 90/10 and adjust until you see your BG is constant. Some peolple split as much as 60/40.

That is why I switched to Levemir, 1 dose am and 1 dose pm…and If I am high at bedtime I will take a small amt of humalog and get uo at 3-4 am and check bs level. I take my Levemir at 8am and 9-10 pm. When I was on Lantus I tried taking it just a bedtime,didn’t work for me and then took it only in am and ran too high after dinner and through night. split the Lantus and did way better but then got a overlap…Switched to Levemir and did the same split and I am alot more stable. good luck!

where is you am blood sugar? If you are high through the night and waking up high I would say adjust the basal rate. If you drop back down at night then I would say adjust your carb ratio for that late meal.

Hi Bridget,

How are your numbers 2 hours after meals?

Could be a couple of things, in addition to what the others have suggested. Some people (I’m one) need a higher ratio in the evening. If you’re eating a high protein &/or high fat dinner, spikes many hours after eating can happen because protein & fats digest much slower than carbs. Many people eat their largest meal in the evening. You may also need change the timing of your bolus. Gastroparesis can also cause high BG many hours after eating. Since yours is consistently high, you may consider being checked for this. Food is digested so slowly that the insulin is gone before glucose hits the bloodstream.