High BGL at night...any advice

Hi everyone, I really am in need of advice of the experienced D1 crowd at this stage. I discovered a couple of months ago that my BGL started to run high as of 10pm in the eves (when I used to take 1 short of Lantus) and around 2-3 pm I would gradually go lower. Hence my diabetic nurse told me that most likely that my Lantus was not running the full 24h and that it would make a difference if I would split my Lantus. Hence I have split my Lantus into 2 doses (equal amount) first couple of weeks went along fine…though I just discovered on my CGM that my pattern has gone back to what it used to be…after 10 pm my BGL still gradually goes higher towards 180-200 area and in the morning due to a gradual decline after hitting that high around 6 am I am back to 90-110 area.

Has anybody else experienced or is experiencing anything similar…if so any advice is appreciated.

PS: During the day I do not hit highs…

One more thing, I have my dinner around 6.30-7pmish…so the gradual highs can not be related to food!

Just a guess… I inject two thirds of my daily basal insulin in the evening and only one third in the morning. My doctor said the body might need more during night (maybe bc during day the bolus insulin can compensate a lot). So perhaps you should test your basal rate, to find out if your body’s needs are higher at night.

I used to split my lantus between am and pm too and it worked out good when I was not carb counting. While I was preparing for my pump start and learned carb counting I found my BS would drop out of nowhere and then it would take forever to stabalize. Lantus can sometimes be the devil.
Basal testing does seem the way to go, also try to stay away from high fat foods for dinner before you do a basal test, I have been told that they can mess with it somehow. IDK because I rarely do what I am told. :slight_smile:

thx vm, will try out both.