Bedtime Snack?

I have seen many discussions about breakfast foods (helpful) but I need some snack suggestions. Yes, I know that I should not eat a bedtime snack. However, I have a lifetime habit that I prefer not to kick.

My Endo does not want me to have a bedtime snack but, if I do, he wants it to be protein focused with a little carb. I thought cheese and crackers would be good but he says no to cheese (fat delays my high, he says).

I can be in normal range between Midnight and 3:30 am and then it starts rising (Dawn phenom). And I have increased my basal from 3 to 8 am but if I get it too high, then some night when I eat less for dinner I will crash in the middle of the night and I am alone so may not hear the cgm beep.

Any suggestions beyond peanut butter? I can do peanut butter and bread or crackers but not every night!! I don't cook so I can't really eat a hunk of leftover meat but could open a can of chicken meat I guess! I can't recall if I asked Endo about yogurt carton. Dannon is 16 gm carb and 5 gm pro. I have eaten that with nuts added but maybe I should not have added the nuts. (Sorry, but I hate the taste of Greek yogurt.)

Have a made the criteria too strict? I would like to ask, anyway. Just in case. Thanks.

tough one :)
Did you try eat low carb+high fat snacks? I find that it is usually protein that spikes hours later, not fat, but fat will indeed slow down high carbs as your doctor says. So that would mean no bread to cheese :) only wasa crackers :)

If you eat nut butter, like almond, hazelnut etc with lowcarb cracker or just on top of 85-90% dark chocolate? Or small amount (all those dairy have a lot of protein) of ex. mascarpone mixed with berries?

May be it is worth a try? Or mashed avocado with low carb crackers?

Low carb snack!!! Heee hee...

Tabacblond, thanks for a couple of good suggestions. Had not thought of low carb crackers. I hope they don't taste like straw but will try them! plus mascarpone or avocado options. Wonder if the mascarpone alone will taste like Tiramisu!

And Acidrock, I have considered wine but not Jamesons! However, then I might sleep through the night and miss the joy of being awakened by beeps throughout the second half of the night.
I hope I get a few more options while I am out volunteer cleaning a research Pollinator garden this morning! With a group, of course.

:) haha, loves it!

Glad I could help.
If you add cacao to hazelnut butter, it will almost taste as nutella.
Wasa taste as rye bread, but very concentrated :)and it disappears very quickly :)

Mascarpone alone has very creamy taste, put some bourbon vanilla in it, its very good :)

You sure you don't cook? :-) (I wasn't before D either) There are tons of recipes for low carb treats. Very easy ones