Been a while

I guess it has been a while since i have visited Tudiabetes. I’ve been super busy these last few months. I guess you could say i had a little fall out of really taking care of myself and my blood sugars and what not. I had an incredibly stressful Spring quarter of school and just couldn’t get into the swing of everything. Everything just started to pile up and i just kept putting it off and putting it off.
Anyway, I’m thankful that i am done with school for a couple months. I feel like i’m actually able to breathe for the first time in several very loooooonnggg months.
I found a website recently that was asking for short stories or tips/advice from type one diabetics to be put into a book that will be published in the next few months and i sent them a couple of my pieces of diabetic art. I was surprised to get an email back within two or three hours from the lady putting the book together saying that she wanted to use one or two of the pieces inside the actual book and possibly even one for the cover! Needless to say, i was slightly shocked.
So we will see what happens with that.
I’ve also recently started runnning(more like really slow jogging) but i’m actually really excited to start noticing some changes in energy and my blood sugars being in better control. I’m making it a goal to run a 5k at the end of September. I haven’t felt this excited about anything like this for a long time, and i’m feeling really good about it.

Fantastic, Allana! It’s great to have a goal like the 5k. I’m trying to work up to walking around my lake, which is about 4 miles. btw, have you shared your diabetes art here with us?