Being tired

I have a big problem, my legs get so tired,some times even be for I go to work my legs are tired. As a mechanic Iam on my feet all day for 8 to 9 hours. I have to go sit in the Supervisor office for a few minutes on and off all day so I can make it through the day. Has any body else have this problem?

My legs hurt after I have had a prolonged high. Has your sugar been running high?

No,they have me on a new pill called Januvia, it has been working great with my shots. I have been staying under 200 for the first times in years.

Could it be a side effect of Januvia or some other medication you are on?

No, it has been going on for a few years now, it is just getting worse, I wear heavy steel toe work boots, but Iam tired befor I go to work. Dr. just dont no what to do, never herd of this.

How long have you had diabetes and has it been out of control at any point? You might want to consider being tested for neuropathy. They found the neuropathy in my feet when I started to get horrible leg cramps and my potassium and magnessium levels were fine. It might be a long shot diagnosis.

I have that in my feet, my feet burn some times, They tome me i got diabetes 2004 but I no I had it a lot longer. I need to find a job I dont have to be on my feet so long, but after 29 years as a mechanic, I dont know any thing else.

It could have spread to your legs. I would have them do a nerve conduction study in your legs.

I have a dr. appointment next week, Iam going to have a talk with her. Thanks for the advise

I no the feeling about cement floors,Iam paying for it all these years laying on cement floors,you know when you are young,you think you are never getting old,and nothing will happend to you. My hole body hurts some times when I come home at night,If I had a choice now, I would have done something else. Well I see the doctor next week I talk to her about it. Thanks…

I will call to see If they have them,my city shop I work for buys are shoes every year, Thanks…

I just saw a gentleman the other day with those shoes on. I had to take a double look and ask my husband if I saw correctly. Very cool! So, they work? great!

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