Heavy legs

I have had diabetes for 38 years, I wanted to know if anybody had a problem with their legs. It seems in the morning and at night when I get up out of the chair or bed my legs seem stiff,heavy I kind of shuffle and don’t lift my feet much. I could be that I’m getting older and my have nothing to do with diabetes.

Yes last year I was having problems (heavy feeling, sharp pains in my feet) and I felt that it was going to be my first noticable diabetic complication. (Type 1 37 years) I was very fearful of this whole situation. But I told myself to get my head on right and take care of the problem. I started monitoring my BS more often and well within the 70-130 BS guideline suggested by my Dr. I did not want to take any more medications. Once I was able to achieve my 6.5 A1C, I noticed a big differance (less pain, less burning) it took about 6 months later.

As for getting older? Yes we all have some of those issues.

I’ve only been diagnosed since Sept. but I’ve had problems with my feet since the summer. Especially my left foot sometimes feels heavy or like it had a shot of Novacaine. I asked the doc and he told me it was the beginning of neuropathy.

I’m a type 2 and I have heart disease I deal with this everyday. I have noticed when my bs gets about 130 and above it seems to get worse. My heart doctor said it was because my arteries in my legs were narrowing some combined with the neuropathy it would most likely get worse. I keep a positive look at it my legs have seen a lot of miles

Thanks for the info.

Wow, now I know why I feel the way I feel… Type 1–39 years. I have often felt the “heavy” feeling and wondered what it was! However, I was diagnosed with Dupryens (sp?) this June and it’s where the tendons tighten and pull on my muscles–painful–and it does create that “stiff” feeling! I keep massaging and stretching my tendons and this helps a lot!! I’ve gotten the “stiff” feeling in my palms, shoulders, and now my calves. I know I already have nerve damage in my stomach (symptoms of gastroparesis) where my stomach and intestines process food either slowly or quickly. For all of these symptoms, I notice exercise helps the most, so I keep working on doing that most often… Rebecca [:smiley:

Hi Bruce: I was diagnosed with median neuropathy and polyneuropathy. I suggest you get an EMG test. The complete test cost about $2500.00. Usually, administered by a Neurologist. If you have numbness in the extremities its more likely Peripheral Neuropathy. You may have a heavy leg sensation even a third foot sesation. You may be experience numbness and crawling insect sensation. You may develop sharp pains in which feels like you stepped on a scorpion (very sparp electric pain). You may experience a pain as if you stepped on a piece of glass. (you will even rush to take off your shoe to see if you did) Keeping you BS low may help delay the progression. I have seen people have it for years with slow progression to foot or leg amputation in 3 months. For the Pain I am taking Tramadol 200mg, Lyrica 450mg and Neurontin 1200mg it works for me. However, the medication itself will make you disabled. I currently can only drive one mile safely. The medication interferes with daily function. My option is pain medication or pure hell (extreme pain). I was told surgery was not an option. I was told I would be on pain medication Indefinitely.

Good Luck

I feel for you. My wife is going through the same thing but she gets it most of the day. Sometimes she can’t even get up because her legs get so stiff and heavy.

I find it amazing that we (diabetics) seem to jump to the worst conclusions. I’d lean towards the age thing. And if you aren’t actively exercising, begin now before it’s really difficult to incorporate in your life.

Bruce it might be age related but when in doubt ask your healthcare team. It doesn’t sound normal to me. I am now a senior and do have leg issues but not heaviness. My problem stems from my spine (not D related).