Bernstein diet

hi guys, hope everyone had a great holiday season. My new years resolution is to have tighter control on my numbers, they arent bad now but I always feel like i can be doing a bit better. I have heard good things about the bernstein diet, sounds like a great way to eat and achieve great numbers. my diet is pretty low carb to begin with, i avoid things like bread, crackers, pasta, ect. i only eat fruit to cure my lows and when i do i stick to green apples or blueberries since they are low GI. Any insight?

Andrea :slight_smile:

Good for you. I’ve followed Dr. B for about 5 years. I have gone back and forth on how closely I follow his diet, but he has a lot to offer to help with your control. Definitely get his book, “Diabetes Solution.” There is also a group here that discusses Dr B. You can also read large portions of his book over at the web site.

I would just second what bsc said. If you peruse the The Bernstein group on tudiabetes you will find many insulin users who have had success following both Dr. B’s diet principals and his insulin recommendations. Since you have already given up many of the problem foods you should have an easier time with the diet. I might add that the Bernstein group has also proven to be a great resource for very tasty low carb recipes, which have really broadened my culinary horizons.

If you decide to go down this path I would recommend getting the book. I have reread it several times and plan on doing so again, I always pick up something useful I missed.

Thanks so much both of you! Got the book from the library the minute I read your replies!

Besides joining the Bernstein group, you should also check out Danny’s TAGgers group to learn how to bolus for protein & fat.

Best thing I did was to follow Dr. B’s guidelines. Been over 2.5 years for me & I’d never go back.

Wow that is great! I am going for it! can you tell me what you eat on a typical day? and are you still able to exercise?