Best and Worst of DM

We can all find some good if we open our awareness. Please share your thoughts.
My BEST from being a diabetic is that I have to pay more attention to my body, eat healthier and exercise.
My WORST issue is/has been health providers that think they know what is best for my body without hearing or listing to me.

Best is that I came to a point where I had to chose between losing a foot or changing my lifestyle. Now I am taking my health seriously. Diet, exercise, no meds are my reality. I hope to be a help to those around me that are hurting with diabetes. Probably close to 1/2 of the employees at my place of employment are diabetic.
Worst is that it took me 8 yrs to take control of my condition. I gave my doctors the control until this past March.

My Best? All the wonderful people I have met along the way. My worst? It took my mom and it messed with my life that is tough to get over.

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I’m with you absolutely, @Rphil2, on the best. I have met so many brave, beautiful, smart people. And they all have phenomenal stories to tell—I love hearing peoples’ stories…The worst is the Vigilance Forever aspect. No time off. Ever. Makes me want to spit!


I am glad that some have conquered changing lifestyle. Be proud for you are an example of achievement and I see children in need of good examples. It is ok to get mad at the disease. I get mad at it too but I’m mad at Cancer too. I think there is some good that can come of our condition and that is to teach and share with others.

the best thing is discovering how unstable/high blood sugar left me always hungry and eating and uncomfortable with a stretched out belly. now i can be comfortable and not distracted by always thinking about food if i eat low carb. i’m less tired too.i was reminded of how i used to be when i decided to have half a peach along with my eggs and cheese and turkey sausage breakfast this morning. that little bit of extra sugar set me up for a day of getting hungry again quickly, having a 20 gram of carb vanilla pudding, having another, needing to go on a bike ride to lower my bg, being hungry again. feeling too full from eating more than usual, etc. that’s how i used to be all the time. sometimes it’s good to be reminded of that. i don’t use insulin, so everything is diet and exercise and a little metformin right now as i have only ever been diagnosed as prediabetic.

the worst thing is thinking i have had unstable/high blood sugar for a while and it may have affected my hearing as i have to go in for a hearing evaluation this wednesday. but anyway, i caught it relatively early before being diagnosed with full blown diabetes. so right now i don’t have to worry about hypos since i have enough insulin production to control things with diet and exercise. if one day i progress in this disease, i have already had a head start reading up on it and coming into contact with people who can help me.


My transition to insulin with my T2 was within 6 years of diagnosis. Yes, I too had a starved feeling with high levels. I seen a video that stated high glucose is like starving in the land of plenty because insulin , resistance or lack of, is not there to feed the cells. It made sense to me.

Best and worst of DM. Best is there is some research underway on how to combat DM. Worst is there has been little funding of research. Best two is it is possible to live with DM. Worst two is to live with DM requires intensive therapy. Best three is there are a lot of people in many places and walks of life living with DM who can understand the experience. Worst three is non diabetic people can only with great difficulty comprehend and that not fully the experience of the DM sufferer. Best four is insulin let’s the person with DM gain weight. Worst four is the same as best four.

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Best includes losing some weight and eating a healthier diet–my husband, too! Worst was losing a dear friend to complications of Type 2 diabetes because she didn’t take her disease seriously and count carbs, take her meds, exercise, etc.

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I am right on with your worst 3. My ex boyfriend acted like I was to blame, I could control it and a cure could be from drinking ionic water. I could not get him to understand. My husband has made the comment, ‘Why did you let it get so high/ low?’ . Others try to be helpful but I tried those things before and they don’t understand the nature of MY body. Sheesh! It does get tiresome.

I’m so glad to hear positive stories! Makes me smile!

I know! We think loved ones are there with us. And then the insinuations, the real attitude shines through. Maybe it’s their way of expressing frustration with diabetes. Your husband said, “why did you let it get so high?” Well, it was having so much fun. You don’t want me to be a party pooper. My twin said “you shouldn’t have eaten that.” And that’s because I’m complaining that I’m miserable. Well, I knew that food would make me sick but I ate it anyway. Then I got the follow-up. “You should know by now how your body responds to every situation.” You got me there.

Food is powerful and people’s perspectives that food is the only controlling factor in a diabetic’s glucose. We know Stress, illness, injury and exercise are factors but in general it amazes me how many folks think you just can’t eat sweets.

The best is that after 28 years I’ve figured out a system to keep my blood glucose reasonably normal. The worst is that it took me 28 years to figure this out. In that time my marriage failed and I lost sharing most of my daughter’s childhood with her. Diabetes was not the ultimate knock out of my marriage but it did play a significant role. Things are better now.


Sometimes when we are handling a lot, sickly a lot, we cannot participate in life as we wish to. It has happened to me as well. What is good is we survive to live better days.

This is comforting to know other people similarly endure, to feel less alone.