Best Insulin Pump

I’m hoping to get a pump soon and have been researching brands. All you pumpers out there have any opinions? What brand do you like best and why do you think it’s best?

Ive only had the one pump a Deltec Cozmo and its been so good for me. Also any time ive ever had trouble the company has been right there to help me 24 hours a day.I cant speak for other users but for me I will stick to my Cozmo.My life has gotttan so much more easy.I would give up my car before my pump.

Likewise…I have only had the Omnipod…chose it for the tubeless feature. People talk here about features that their pumps have. I am not pump savvy enough to know all the features I might be missing out on, I only know this is working great for me and have had easy dealings with insurance and manufacturer.

Karla…there has been lots of similar discussion. If you reseach the past blogs a bit, I’d think you’d find lots that would be of interest to you. Good luck.

Thanks so much Brad. I like the Cozmo a lot and that’s the one I originally wanted but will take what I can get at this point. I really appreciate hearing about how the company always responds. Thanks for sharing what you think and I hope you have continued great luck with it.


Thanks so much Elaine. I’m interested in any info I can get on pumps so I’ll look thru the past blogs as you suggested. I tried for a pump in 2007 but couldn’t please Medicare so am going to try again with testing. I don’t know about now but in 2007, Omnipod did not distribute pumps in my area. I will check with them again as I thought it was a very interesting design. Thanks for the help. I wish you the best of continued luck with yours.

Karla Sherer

Dave, thanks for that bit of news! What’s up with them? I spoke with a company rep yesterday but nothing about that was said. Wow, I’m so glad you told me. Right now, I’m getting the most help from Medtronics. I was in bad need of some tips on getting the right numbers on my lab testing in order to qualify with Medicare and got that from them yesterday. What will Deltec do with all of you pumpers that have a Cozmo? Will they maintain a support staff? I hope no one has to suffer for this.

It’s my understanding that Medicare wants that letter but they also want very specific numbers on a fasting BG (can’t be over 225), a C-Peptide (measures the amount of insulin your pancreas makes - if any), or a GAD test (Insulin antibody), and they also want you to have been testing at least 4 times a day for a month. These labs have very specific values you can’t exceed. There are other questions they can ask if they choose but those are the requirements. Being a T-2, The C-Peptide is the first one they try to use for me. In 2007, mine was a bit too high which means I was making too much insulin to qualify. I have some other fairly large health issues that have an effect on my control of my BG in a big way. That is why my doc wants me on a pump. I will never maintain control any other way. I’ve been trying since 2003. At least Medicare will let you test as often as you want but I really don’t think they will give you the pump based only on the letter. My doctor and the pump reps with several pump companies don’t think so either. If you feel you are absolutely right about this, please let me know and I will ask in the meantime. Thanks, Karla Sherer

That is way cool Dave. Can the two of you hook up to one pump should the other go on the blink? hehe


Now you’ll start me lying. It’s confusing to me how they multiply the values. It also depends on the lab being used. I think different labs use a couple of different systems or something. In 2007, Medicare’s cutoff with the lab that did mine was .8 and mine was 1.0. I’ve been injecting insulin since 2003 and have to use a good bit but guess I’m still making some too. I’m also insulin resistant and I think that’s real bad right now. Had surgery in Oct. and have been in BG Bizaro land since. I stay there most of the time. I can get control for a max of 2-4 weeks and then I’m off into some sort of torture after that. I’m in the worst place since originally getting DX’d right now. Scared to write it or say it out loud if you know what I mean. Real high numbers. I’m on disability so Medicare is all I have - no supplement. Wish I was still working but I’m 61 so not that far from retirement age anyway. Do you know what your CPeptide is?

I wrote this a day ago,I guess 24 hours later I need to take it back. Companys are in business for profit and they must not have been making one.I hope they continue to offer this great service until it will be time for a new pump.Cross my fingers.

That’s really a good thing - that the two of you are using same model pump. Actually, the information I was so in need of concerning the C-Peptide test and how meds and food effects it, was given to me by a man with Medtronics and he really knew his stuff. He told me specifically what to do. I called 3 pump companies and figured the first one who helped me with labs would get the deal if I pass. Sound fair?

Thanks Sarah. Your husband and your son - wow. So many people with this disease. Both types. Actually, I wanted the Cozmo back in 2007 after doing my research. This time, I called Smith, Medtronics and Animas and told them all that the company who educated me on how to get thru my labs in a manner that will pass the Medicare regs will get the deal. I have to say that Medtronics got someone to call me that same day and tell me what to do to give myself a better chance. Wish I’d known this a long time ago but it took my tiny mind a while to think to ask. Also, I was so down about not getting it before and then had so many other health issues taking priority in '08 that I just got around to this again. The one thing I liked about the Cozmo in '07 was all their updates for the pump were free and sent to you online to load into the pump. Other companies were charging a couple of hundred or more for each update. I wish you great luck in finding what is right for your son. How old is he and does he like the Omnipod or pump vs. injections?

Hey Dave,
I remembered what that guy told me about C-Peptide lab values. They multiply the patient’s value x 110%. So he said mine was actually 110 and not 1.0. I had thought I was only .2 away from a pump so that’s why he explained this. This being said, mine needs to be almost as low as yours for me to qualify. Tough for a T-2 to not make anymore insulin than a T-1 so I don’t think Medicare is being fair to patients who need pumps badly where other health reasons play a part. I will never maintain long term control without one. Just thought I’d share since my brain wasn’t working last night.

All pumps are great(they give insulin, that is!). It just depends on which ones have the features you prefer. I started with the Omnipod in November, but I had too many issues with it. It is very dry where I live, and I got static alarms quite often (even with wrapping the PDM in dryer sheets and spraying my clothes with static guard). After a series of alarms(8-9 alarms) in a matter of two weeks I was quite frustrated(they happened while driving, during the night, walking in and out of work and so on…just at terrible times). I don’t blame the pump; I just don’t think it worked well for me personally. I lost trust with it. They have a great idea, but I do not think it is perfect yet. The costumer service was wonderful; I definitely give them two thumbs up with that. They were always very helpful.

I started the MM522 last month, and so far, I absolutely love it. It was a tough decision between the new Ping vs the MM, however, it came down to ease of use. For me personally, the Ping had way too much scrolling(and no back button!), and I also did not like that you had to ‘dial up’ the recommended insulin amount. With both the Omnipod and the MM it automatically puts it in and all you have to do is press ‘OK’ or ‘ACT’. I know it sounds like such a small thing, but I know that after doing it multiple times a day, every day, I would lose patience with the extra steps needed. I also heard the screen on the Ping is great inside, but very hard to read outside. I am outside quite often, so that was another deciding factor. The food database sounds great, but I know I would very rarely use it(again, too much scrolling and button pushing for me!).
So far, MM’s costumer service has been great. They rushed the process through insurance, and overnighted my pump the day insurance approved(I was hoping to switch from the Omnipod to the MM without going back on shots…they worked it out beautifully before I ran out of pods). When I had issues figuring out Carelink(which is a fantastic reporting system, I love it to see trends), they were on the phone for quite awhile walking me through each step. The pump seems very, very reliable so far too. It does what its intended purpose is quite well, and I am very happy with my choice.

If you can, I would call and have the reps come to your home and show you the pumps. It really helps to feel and ‘push buttons’ on each pump. I also definitely recommend calling and checking out their support lines, even in the middle of the night. The support is as important as the pump, IMO.

Good luck with your choice. You really cannot go wrong.

Hi Danielle,
I’m just reading your comment - got lazy I guess and stayed offline too long. I really appreciate your comments. Very helpful since I will be getting either the MM or the Ping. That is, if I get one at all. You may have seen the part of the discussion on this about Medicare but I have to get my pump thru them and the restrictions on labs are extremely stringent. Especially for a T2. They want me to be making no more natural insulin than you or most T1’s. That’s tough even though I’ve been on insulin since 2003. The tricky part is with an insulin resistant T2, you never know how much insulin you will make at any given time and believe me, it changes. At least it does with me. I’m so glad you are happy with the MM you got. I haven’t looked lately but in late 2007, Omnipod did not service my area (TX) at all. I’m still glad to hear about all the different pumps and features. I was in need of guidance from someone with the labs I have to take in order to help me qualify and a man with Medtronics called me right away with that help. Last time I tried for a pump, I had no clue what to do and didn’t qualify. This guy is really trying to help me and told me how to best “Turn off my pancreas” for the test. I was doing everything backwards. That doesn’t mean I’ll qualify but am working on doing the things he told me and will be under the gun for a few hours the day of the labs. Haven’t picked that day yet but will be soon. I need the pump due to other health issues that make my BG way out of control all the time and yet have to bring my BG wayyyyy down to take the test including using a fast insulin then going to the doc for labs. Tricky as my BG is so unstable anyway. At least Medicare will let me test as often as I want but it’s a real downer when you don’t pass the labs by just a little. I believe Medicare thinks that T2 Diabetics don’t really ever need pumps. They don’t take in to consideration other medical issues and then decide on an individual basis. If you are one number over any of their required tests, you lose.

You mentioned a food database in the ping. I thought the MM and others had that? Don’t they have a list of foods with the carb amount and then a place to add you own or is that not what you mean? Do you have to calculate all your own carbs or is there a list you can just highlight and enter? I hope you have great luck with your new pump and that you love it. You’re still young and working and this is the perfect time for you to maintain good control of your BG. I’m on disability and can’t work anymore but it would still be nice to know I have at least some kind of long term control. That would be a miracle to me. I’ll be sure and talk to the reps like you suggested, about coming to my house if I qualify. Right now, with MM being the only ones what have gotten me the help I requested for labs, I will probably go with them for sure. I originally wanted a Cozmo and talked to them the day before their press release and they didn’t mention a thing. Just moved forward as if they were in biz for life. Maybe the rep didn’t know. Haven’t heard from them since. It was a great little pump. Too bad I guess. Thanks for all the info and my very best to you.
Karla Sherer

Hi Karla,

I’ve been using the pump for 9 years now. When I got my first pump. I got the Minimed 507 C. It was great but over time and with technology changing, it was time for an upgrade and I went with Animas. I LOVE it. and I intend to stay with this company as long as they keep producing pumps and my insurance covers it. I have never had any problems with it (as far as not working proper or breaking down and I’ve had the Animas for 5 years now) I have had to call the support line because of something I thought was wrong (onlyt to discover that they were safety features) when I have called,. I got a response right away (this is in the middle of the night too) They were great and the woman left me the number to her DIRECT line (instead of the main number) in case I had any more problems or questions. So, customer service is Excellent and the pump is excellent. I’ll take the Animas pump over minimed ANY day. Also, I’ve been a diabetic for 27 years now. I’ve seen a lot in those years… In the end, Pick the pump that’s best for YOU!!!

Hi Kelly,

Thanks so much! That was great information. I heard that the Animas pump was smaller also but haven’t seen any of the pumps in person. It sounds like you are the expert. Do you have that new Ping or another model? Which is the most important. The manufacturer or model? In other words, you like Animas best so do you think it is better to stay with a manufacturer you like or would you be interested in a different company if they came out with some great new model? That isn’t real important but you are the first person I’ve heard from who is really sold on your brand so I was just wondering. Is the Animas easy to use? Thanks for the info Kelly and I hope you stay happy with your pump and do well with it. I want one so much. It will be up to medicare and my lab numbers.

Maybe there is NO BEST or better insulin pump ; what works for one does not work for the next person. Try several for a week or more and YOU decide …I am happy with mine( MM ) and have been for the last almost 9 years.

Hi Dave,
The Animas rep called today and I told him just that. With me, I’d prefer to wait and see if I clear the labs first then allow each rep to show me their pump if it looks like I will get one. It’s interesting, I said to him that Medicare wants me to not make anymore insulin than a T1 and he confirmed that. I don’t think they can tell you that but if you guess it they confirm for sure. I asked if he’d seen any Medicare supported T2 get a pump and he has but not a lot. I would not have figured all this out without you Dave. Your curiosity about the C-Peptide levels and telling me what your levels of were helped me put it all together. Thank you for being curious. Truth be told, I didn’t know a T1 made ANY insulin at all. Anyway, it’s not quite fair but that is what Medicare requires for a pump for their T2 patients. Just another way of telling a T2 they don’t eat right which isn’t the case with me. I have great hopes though. Maybe if I drive them nuts they will finally agree to buy me the pump! Have a great day.

Thanks Nel, good advice!