Best Insulin Pump

I’ve had only the MM pump … for 2+ years now and I think it’s a great device and they have great customer service too. I was a bit biased when I decided to go with them only because I had requested info from them as well as Animas and Animas took some time getting back to me so that turned me off a little bit. I probably should have been more patient to get more info but I wasn’t. When the time comes for my warranty to be up, I may do a little shopping around myself just so that I can see all that’s out there. I would recommend seeing both in person & getting to try the features out if possible. I was able to get my hands on a MM and it would’ve been nice to have done with another that I was considering. It’s an expensive investment (whether you’re paying for it or your insurance) … you wouldn’t buy a car or a house without seeing it first right? =) Good luck deciding!

Stacey, thanks for the advice. I think the fast customer service is a big deal and don’t blame you for leaning that way. When I asked for help getting some guidance on labs, the Medtronic rep had a guy call me that same day. He is the only person who has called to help with lab advice. The others just want to sell me the pump. They don’t seem to understand that I have to have the perfect labs to qualify for the pump. Thanks again and good luck with yours.

been on a pump since January, I use Medtronic minimed 722, works great for me

Hi Karla… hope I’m not too late with my response. I wouldn’t suggest the Deltec Cozmo to anyone. The only features that were nice was that it was waterproof (as a swimmer) and it came in cool colors. After 3 years on this pump, I switched to the Medtronic Paradigm 722 after the 3rd time the Deltec Cozmo crapped out on me! The first time was my fault (or so they claimed) - I forgot to take it off while getting an MRI and two months later it literally just stopped working while I was on vacation! The second time was also when I was on vacation - one of the buttons got stuck and I could not “unstick” it! The third time it just randomly stopped working AGAIN… now each of these times they sent me a new pump and the customer service was great, but I was sick of not being able to rely on the product! A colleague of mine uses the Omnipod and generally likes it, but complains about the comfort level when she exercises… I am very active so I did not consider this to be the best option for me. As far as medical devices go, there is no more reliable company than Medtronic, and I really liked the fact that they offered the CGM with their Paradigm pumps so I decided on that option and I love it. The infusion sets and pump itself aren’t as fashionable, I guess, but it’s the best, most reliable product I’ve found to date and their customer service is amazing! Good luck with your pump search!

I have the Deltec 1800 model, I just got a letter in the mail today and Smiths medical is going out of business. Thus being a shame that they are the best company as far as updates and customer service.

I went with MM too. My insurance did not cover the cost of the pump, and MM gave me a financing option to pay over 3 years with no interest. This was the selling point for me, as it was quite expensive. They have been great. I just called them for a travel loaner becuase I am heading out of the country for vacation and they are sending it to me by courier. I also love the CGM, especially with my second pregnancy. Wish I had it for my first.

Hi Guys. I am wearing the Deltech Cozmo, but I am wondering about the Nipro Amigo. Is anyone using it, what do you think about it. I saw it in a magazine and am just wondering about it. Thanks!

Never even heard of this??? I am going to google it now …

Hi Rachelle…great info and thanks so much. I actually thought I wanted a Cozmo at one time but since their press release, I don’t suppose they will sell new pumps now. One reason I liked it was the free upgrades that were sent over the internet. I think MM charges for upgrades or they did in 2007 when I was trying to get a pump. Anyway, I will probably go with Medtronics or Animas if I qualify. My biggest hurdle is qualifying. I have finally figured out what it is Medicare wants (I am disabled and only have Medicare) from me. They want me as a T2 diabetic to make no more insulin than a T1. That is a tall order and they don’t tell you that but if you become familiar with their lab requirements, you figure it out. I made that statement to an Animas rep and he admitted I was correct. I know Medtronics has great customer service and they gave me the directives I needed to try to get my labs in compliance with what Medicare wants. No one else has done that! You say you love the CGM. I think that is a great feature but I didn’t think any insurance companies paid for that yet??? I do think that is the way of the future for pump companies and that insurance will have to comply eventually. Anyway, I appreciate the info you shared and wish you continued luck with your setup. Sounds great for someone active like yourself.

There are insurance companies who cover the CGMS. Mine (Blue Shield in California) covers it at 50% for the transmitter and sensors. A small price to pay, in my opinion!

So happy to hear some companies are doing this!

Karla - I was lucky enough to be able to give a couple of different pump companies a “test drive” and actually didn’t even mean to buy one - just got hooked on how undiabetic I felt (not that I felt like a diabetic before - but 10-12 needles a day - well - changing the infusion every 3-4 days - way easy). I know if Omnipod (no tubes) had been in my country at the time - would have given that a try as well - it’ll make it here on day. Like others have said - if you can try one out - great stuff - get the feel of it, etc. etc. as it’s going to be your best bud for awhile (I call mine Antonio Banderas). I needed one that was waterproof as well - if you’re into water stuff - then a pump that can become submerged is another thing to take into consideration.

hi karla,it is how your doctor and the pump company choose to write up your diagnosis and medical neccessary form,for medicare to pay for your pump.when i first got my pump i was making some insulin,but could not use it.about 5months later i was making very little.start in 1979 as type1 and years later type2 and now type endo dr stated that i was never type 2 in the ist the way i wear minimed pump,very happy,been with them from the start.good luck

karla hello ;keep on trying with medicare,please don’t give up because they turn me down for the minimed sensor for my cgms,but i continue to push them,and soon i got keep on trying,do not give up.keep on smiling.i will say a prayer for you.

hi danielle,you don’t know me,my name is odessa and i am a new member.i liked your reply to karla,you are so right on it about carelink,it is wonderful.i fell in love with it the ist time i used it and the doctors love it.they are able to pull it up on the computer and check out everything

I like my MM, and have had it for almost six years now. ow matter what you get, you will love it.

Rick Phillips

its really bad to see how strict insuranses
can be
about the amigo
i have red about it before
it is like its only good feature is that it has
drawings and symbols such as a stop sign when its suspended!!
nothing more
i hope you would have your pump soon
and you may ask someone to show you his pump with your endo

Hello Karla. I have been on an insulin pump since May of 2000. The 1st seven years I was on a Minimed 508. The company has been great. When I was placed on the pump they sent out a representative, also a T1 on a pump, who spent over four hours with me going over all of the functions. That made my transition so much easier. Any problem with the pump and the company was available 24/7, including replacing my pump if even the smallest thing was off. They replaced it one time because the pump itself was losing a minute/month. Big Wow!! Then in 2007 I went with another Minimed/Medtronics pump that is connected to my Glucose machine, The Paradigm. Again they sent over a rep who stayed with me until I was confident in managing the pump on my own. The pump is not a cure for diabetes, but as a delivery system it is better than multiply injections/day. Good luck with your search.

Thanks Jackie…it is looking more and more like the MM will be the way to go if I qualify. I will also look at the Animas at least and talk to rep but I think for where I live, the MM will give me best service. They are the most prevalent in my area and I live in a very small E. TX town. Nearest city that even has an Endo is 70 mi. away. I think the long term service is real important due to my location.

Thanks Sava…I will visit with reps first like you say.