Best options of meals when going camping?

I will be out camping next month for about 2 days and I’m just wondering which would be the best options for meals? I’m not worried about insulin as I’ll changed my infusion set and pump cartridge before leaving and take extra supplies just in case.

Worry about the insulin :slight_smile: I went camping a few weeks ago when it was 106˚ and my insulin got cooked since we were without A/C all day and stopped working. I was very thankful that I’d brought more in the cooler “just in case”. Next time we go I’d be tempted to go untethered just so my basal is covered - I knew my insulin was dead when I kept rising overnight developing ketones, and corrections didn’t do a thing.

As far as food - are you backpacking or car camping? If you aren’t worried about weight or how much space things take up, you can pretty much pack whatever you’d normally have at home. That’s basically what we do, although our concerns really run more towards what the kids will eat than what “I” need.

Lol wow dumb me didn’t even think about the heat messing up my insulin hmmm I’ll have to start looking for an ice pack for my insulin and I believe we are car camping but I’m not a 100% sure I’ll check into that.

We camped for a week and went in a car. Walmart sells 12 volt coolers that work while the car is running and don’t get super cold so good for insulin. We had a camp stove and cooked pretty much what I would have eaten at home and it worked out very well. Go very well prepared with plenty of supplies and have a great time!

In addition, an ice chest will carry cold drinks (including coffee drinks, such as Starbucks) and enough basics for a couple of meals. Camp stoves are great, also a small grill if you have room. You can buy groceries almost every place to supplement. Granola bars, etc., work well as you drive. Have fun!

Wow thanks for those great ideas I’ll go to walmart and check it out. I don’t know about the coffee drinks thou coffee raises my sugar a lot but man do I miss the white chocolate mocca from starbucks :frowning:

Will you have a camp stove to cook up fast and easy meals? If you will, try this:
I have found some really delicious Low Carb, High Fiber tortillas. They are made by La Tortilla Factory. Each tortilla has 10 g. carbs, and 7 g. fiber, so net 3 g. carbs, and no sugar. They are seriously delicious. So, first get the tortillas. Then bring along small containers of cooked chicken, pinto beans, salsa, whatever you like. Grate some cheese, and cook yourself a delicious chicken, cheese, bean quesadilla. Super easy, fast and delicious. Add some fresh avocado and you’re set. I would recommend that for camping, the more prepping and cooking you can do before your trip, the better. Before my diabetes, I used to cook up spaghetti sauce and then just cook the noodles over my camp stove. But now that noodles are a no-no for me, I’d have to find something else to put the sauce on. Pre-cooking is the ticket for camping. Have fun!

Prep ahead of time. Kabobs are always my favorite for camping (or anytime). Just cut up your meat and veggies, marinade and put in bags. You can put them on skewers at home or right before cooking. Delish… and very healthy! Marinading them in something as simple as italian dressing is amazing and the meat will come out super tender.

Last time we went camping we also cooked bacon on an iron skillet and that was awesome too. We also made pancakes as well with the mix where you just add water to the bottle and shake it.

Baked potatoes are yummy too… you can just wrap in tin foil and throw them in the coals.

I just got back from camping this weekend. I have always found camping to be one of the more difficult things for me to handle. Here are some of my bigger dificulties so that you may consider them and prepare for them: Unknown amount of exercise because there is always something to do and often last minute plans for a hike, etc. Unkown time of meal because cooking on a fire means foods can need to cook for much different times. Unkown amount of carbs: I have found (especially with larger groups) that everyone is really hungry when the food is cooked and sometimes there is not enough to go around or if you did not cook it you then you may not know how many carbs are in the meal especially if you dont often eat those items. Keeping insulin cool as others have mentioned. Swimming and pumping is also always challenging for me. And lastly all the stress from the previous mentioned items makes it hard for me to have fun and for me to keep my BG down.

I would recomend you cook meals that you are familiar with and/or that are 1 pot meals (I like a few more carbs when camping to help with my increased exercise). Breakfast of sausage/bacon, eggs and toast. Lunch/dinner of hamburger/tuna helper, meat sandwiches, PB&J, ramen noodles & steak, chili, and just add water soups.