Going camping next weekend need some advice!

So my friends birthday is next weekend and she wants to go camping and I said sure! I was wondering is there anything I should pack extra or need to do while we are in the woods?? I am a pumper of course! and this is the first time I have ever been camping in the middle of no where with pump and cgm. Any tips on keeping clean so no infections arise for the 4 days would be appreciated too!!

John’s advice is really excellent. My motto is “back up, back up, back up.” Back up meter, insulin and syringes (including long acting insulin), back up everything. I have had pump failures in the most remote places (places Fed Ex does not go) so you just need to be ready for that.

Other than all your normal diabetes & camping supplies, I’d bring back-up insulin (long & short acting) and syringes in case your pump fails unexpectedly. Just bring extra supplies, more than for the 4 days you’ll be there. Do you need to bring in water? If you have to bring in your own water, I always suggest bringing in much more than you think you’ll need. Also, if you can, bring something to purify water too (can purchase at camping/sporting goods stores), if you’re going to be out in the middle of nowhere, just in case you use up all your water. Also, glucose tabs or other snacks to treat lows are a great idea. My personal favorite are fruit snacks or fruit leather, since they’re really easy to pack in camping gear. Oh, and use ziploc bags to keep all your diabetes supplies clean and dry. In my experience, dirt & water manages to get everywhere while camping, so double-ziplocking stuff isn’t a bad idea either! Have fun!

Sweet thanks everyone for the great advice I am going to pack a butt load of supplies and great idea on the ziplock baggies! I think if anything has to get changed out site or cgm I will do it in the car seems like it will be the cleanest place. We are going to talk to the park rangers and let them know we are there and that I am diabetic just in case so if anything happens we are prepared!! I am assuming my bg will run a little lower as we have some hiking planned! I love to hike. I can not wait to start off the new spring with camping!!!

And also make sure your friends are trained in the Glucagon use (if they are not of the medical type). :slight_smile:

Tegaderms over the infusion sites may help unwanted dirt from entering as well.

Yeah Kimmy is a nursing student and can’t wait to stab me with Glucagon if ever needed! Medical students scare me sometime lol

haha, I lived with three pre-med students the year after I was diagnosed with diabetes too! When I was trying to figure out how to live with this condition, they were all “fascinated” (but incredibly supportive too!!). I think if I had passed out, they would have fought over the glucagon.

OH yeah that is how it is here. Last semester in college I had a bad diabetes day ended up in the hospital but my professor keep the students away from me in the class!! I call them eager beavers lol it was like I got dibbs cause I have known her longer!! lol

when I go hiking with my brothers I make a little kit of insulin (short and long acting), pen tips, a couple syringes, a back up meter +test strips, and whatever I’m using to treat lows at the time and give one to each of them, that way if lose my pack, or my supplies get damaged etc I have a back up, and a back up for that back up.

Cool Idea I am so doing that!!