Best time to take vitamins?

So, my new doctor gave me the go ahead to recontinue taking vitamins. I plan to get a veg mulitvitamin plus maybe few extras that it doesnt cover (mainly B12, D and Iron). And maybe a probiotics for girlie issues.

My Metformin has been switched to one at Breakie and one at Din. I was taking at breakie and lunch.

I am thinking that lunch will be the best timet to take but wanted to find out what others are doing?

My doctor also recommended that I take vitamins…B Complex, C and E. She said that it is best ingested with food, so taking them at meal time is advised. The fact that it is easier for me to remember too, since I are eating and drinking at that time anyway. Although I heard that many suggest taking calcium at night because calcium is utilized at night, and also because calcium can help you get to sleep when taken at bed time.

Unless you’re iron deficient, it’s best not to take iron supplements. They’re risky & can cause problems. Even as a vegetarian, you’re getting enough iron from food. Too much iron isn’t healthy.

I take my B12 in the morning with breakfast… I usually take my D around the afternoon. I have no rhyme or reason for this :slight_smile: Just habit I guess. I’m all ears to hear other opinions though.


I have tested anemic before but I am eating more greens and spinach so I hope I am not deficient anymore. But I have been borderline anemic most of the time - sometimes when I tried to give blood I couldn’t because I was just at the border or when I was prescriped Accutane 10 years ago for my acne I had take an iron supplement because I was borderline anemic. I haven’t been tested lately though. I wonder if it would be on my blood work I had a few weeks ago. I wish there was an easy way to tell. I know I often feel better if I take an iron supplement. I guess I should wait than about the iron.

So, I guess I will take mine at lunch than. I take my Metformin at breakfast and dinner and I hate taking pills - I can never swallow them right away, I have toss back my head a few times (another reason why I hate being on meds!) - so the less pills I have to swallow in one sitting the better.

Teena, I didn’t know that about the calicum - hmm, I’ll be taking a multivitamin so there will hopefully be calicum in it.

Desdemona, you just take individual B12 and D - some of the vegan multi’s have both. Otherwise, I was sometimes taking that sublingual B12. Do you take these at different times than your diabetes meds? I just want to make sure the vitamins don’t interfer with my meds working properly.

When I was a vegetarian, I used a cast iron skillet to get more iron. Of course, low B12 can cause anemia.

I agree with Gerri about being careful with the iron. I’ve been anemic in the past but also had iron-overload disorder at the same time. I am sure you checked to make sure your anemia was “iron-deficiency” anemia, but like mentioned a blood test would be great before supplementing with iron. And sounds like you are eating really well, which of course is the best way to get our vitamins! :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the interference with medication as I am on insulin, but I know about B and D. Make sure you take D3, not D2. This is available in many forms, including gummies, liquid and chewables. (I hate swallowing pills too!) The Vitamin Shoppe has a great selection of D, including many veg friendly. I think this is the most important vitamin (actually a hormone) you could take. But of course, you can take TOO much, so a test thru your Dr is advisable. (you probably already did this!) And the guidelines for D are always changing, with more research showing that we need to be on the “higher” end of the range to fight most diseases. And sun is FREE! (15 minutes a day depending on where you live and your skin color)

For B vitamins, don’t take at night. Bs help with energy production and while they can ultimately help sleep, taken too close to night can actually disturb your sleep. And I always have to take my Bs with a meal, usually breakfast. Others, it never matters for me.


D3 capsules or spray should be in a oil form & best taken with other fats. I take D3 in the morning with Vit E & fish oil caps (realize you don’t take these).

Calcium needs to be a good ratio with magnesium. Some sources say equal amounts, other say magnesium should be half the amt of calcium–confusing. Boron, a trace mineral, helps with calcium & several other minerals also. Many forms of calcium & some are better than others. Calcium carbonate is the cheapest form & useless. It’s chalk. Calcium di (or tri) phosphate is awful. Our bodies don’t recognize this form.

Near impossible to imitate the wisdom of nature with supplements. Taking too much of one vitamin or mineral causes an imbalance.

I take other supplements with lunch.

Caution about certain B vitamins (not B12):
B6 over 200 mg raises BG & impairs nerve function (so does excess Vit C supplementation)
B3 (niacin) over 200 mg can raise BG
B1 over 200 mg can inactivate insulin

Like Jenn B said, B12 is energy producing. I believe the same goes with D as well. I take my b12 as a sublingual. My diabetes meds is just insulin and it is pumped into me every 2-3 minutes by a pump :slight_smile: I’ve managed to get off everything since I went raw. I mean everything! (except insulin) Heart pills, blood pressure, happy go lucky pink pills etc…

Thanks guys! This is really helpful. I guess I have to be careful with the multivitamins too. I do have risk of precancerous condition in my cervix so I heard folic acid was important. I am trying to eat more bok choy which has calicum - although I have been eating a bit of veg cheese too but I don’t believe dairy calcium is good for our bones - I was eating it for some more protein but it makes me phlemy so I will finish up what I have and find something else.

So, I definately want the D3 and B12 - I have almost no energy and not much strength. I do put nutritional yeast on my food but just a sprinkle - it is supposed to have B12 in it but my guess it not enough.

Jenn, yes my anemia was iron based. The doctor took a blood test and had to me taking iron supplements so I could take the Accutane (guess you can’t be anemic and take that). But I sure I am deficient in B12 too even though I havne’t been tested because I don’t eat anything with B12 in it because it is all in animal foods right?

I am in Chicago but I do like the sun in the summer but I read that when you take Metformin that you are to avoid the sun. I hope this isn’t true. I did know about the 15 min rule. Unfortunatley it isn’t always sunny out either.

Desdemona, when you started taking the B12 and D did you start feeling more energetic? My bf was always pushing me to take the B12. It was the sublingual one and I always would accidentally want to chew on it like candy!

ooh hard to say. I have a high-energy level to begin with since my eating habits is all raw. I don’t feel a ‘rush’ per say when I take my B12 or D, nor do I miss any energy if I happen to forget it. I think over-time though, it probably would effect me.

I would give it a try, at least for 4 months and track your energy levels…sleep habits, mental status etc… It will not hurt you!