Viatamins. Do you take them and if you do which ones?

Hey everyone. I have been thinking that I might need to take some vitamins now a days. I was just wondering if any of you guys take them? If you do which ones do you take? Do any vitamins affect blood sugar control? Whether it be good or bad? Just a question. Thanks for any input you might have.

I use the Nature Made Diabetes Health Pack sold at Costco. I’ve heard some debate that it’s no better than a daily vitamin, but it has things in it that diabetics are typically lacking.

I use Alive. I don’t see any affects on my blood sugar when I take it.

D3, Omega, E.

Haven’t noticed any changes in the 4 months I’ve been on the regimen. I’ll probably be adding R-ALA at some point, though, and that’s supposed to help with glucose uptake.

When I remember I take store brand multivitamins. I don’t often remember though.

Hi, my Dr told me that take vitamins it’s not a good idea, if I have a healthy diet it’s enough, I only take Omega 3.

I admit, I take a bunch of vitamins and supplements. I’m currently worried a little about whether I might have some deficiencies. I take a multivitamin, B-100 (a b-complex), magnesium, and large doses of fish oil and vit D3. I have been tested and suffer from vit D3 deficiency. I always tell my doctors all the vitamins and supplements I take and no doctor has ever advised me to stop.

Hi Will. I’ve seen other threads on vitamins and supplements and I’m always surprised that no one mentions Lutein and Bilberry for their eyes. Maybe PWD’s just eat more kale and other greens than most people, still I consider the eye supplements among the most important. One note: Bilberry does cause blood thinning, so I take a moderate dose.

Rx D3 is the only vitamin I take