BG and weather

I know that many people have different insulin requirements for different seasons. But do any of you have different insulin requirements if the weather changes drastically from day to day?

I'm seriously beginning to think that this, along with hormones, are the two primary things that cause my BG to vary so widely.

I literally JUST saw my endocrinologist on Monday. He couldn't find any patterns (he spent half an hour looking at my pump logs, and he's a Type 1 pumper himself), but he did say that he thought the changes I'd made to my pump settings seemed appropriate and he thought my pump settings were accurate. Since my average BG is lower, he thought my next A1c (I didn't get one this time around) would be in the 6s, which is awesome.

So I left that feeling great about that.

I waled out of his office and almost immediately went low, then had a high of 16.9 after lunch (possibly because I did not measure things exactly, the more I do that the more I'm finding I can't NOT do it without going high or low after eating), and then the rest of the day was okay. But then yesterday I spent almost the entire day above 11. I went to bed last night having corrected a 13.9 and changed my site as it was just over 48 hours old. I woke up this morning at 13.4. So now I'm thinking of putting the settings that I just lowered two days ago back up. Rinse and repeat in a few more days, I'm sure ...

I was thinking back and the only thing I can think that's been vastly different over the past few days is the weather. It's gone from hot (like shorts and t-shirt weather) to overcast and rainy (and a lot cooler). Apparently today is supposed to be hot again. I haven't tracked weather in the past, but I know that on hot days I tend to go low a lot more than cooler days, all else being equal. I live and work in a place without AC, so whatever the outside temperature is affects me all day, every day.

I know I've talked about testing pump settings, and I do intend to do that at some point. Incidentally, can I do it if I wake up high? I've woken up high the past two mornings which is why I haven't, though today I'm going to try testing my DIA. But I feel like I need to achieve a bit more balance before I can test pump settings, and not have one day where I'm crashing low and the next day where I'm correcting highs constantly. If I was constantly bouncing from high to low then I'd think pump settings, but I'm not constantly bouncing, I'm running high for a day or two and then running low for a day or two, with some days of bouncing in between. I think these are actual variations in insulin sensitivity, not just pump settings that are off.

Anyway, I've rambled enough! Am I just crazy? Is this really just pump settings that are off, or do others find a similar thing with abrupt changes in weather? I have a friend who has migraines and has been having them every few days with all these weather changes recently. That's partly what got me thinking if it can trigger migraines, why can't it trigger changes in insulin sensitivity, which we already know are affected by heat (hot weather, hot tubs, etc.)?