BG Log

I was just curious as to how people keep track of their blood sugars. In the old days, I had a binder that I would carry with me and enter in readings, before each meal. Now, I am lucky to jot down two days in a row in my Franklin Covey. But that isn't ideal, either- I like to see everything in a table format- so I can track trends, etc.

I have this- dream, I guess- where I can put my readings into a big spreadsheet, and do all sorts of calculations, averages, etc., and perhaps even calculate how much insulin it took...

But maybe I am just too lazy. Thats probably it- anyway you do it, I am the key component in the system. Any ideas, aside from getting off my lazy ■■■?

PS If you are trying to get me to drink magic tea, or anything else, sorry- I hate tea.

Thomas – what kind of meter do you use? My lazy ■■■ uses the One Touch UltraSmart by Lifescan. And it is. Ultra. Smart. What makes it so smart is that you can upload all the info (boluses, BGs, carbs) to your computer where you can look at it in a variety of ways: charts, graphs, histograms ( I haven’t really figured that one out yet). Check it out. And I know exactly what you mean when you say it’s great to not feel alone anymore…welcome to the herd.

Well, I was using an Ultrasmart, but since I started the research program, the free strips they give me are for another, cheap meter- so I use that instead. But thats why I got the Ultrasmart- but isn’t like $50 for the software?

i’m so glad i’m not the only lazy ■■■ diabetic. i have this dream as well…keep track of my bloodsugars in a book, my food, my exercising, etc … and i was thinking of carrying around a small notebook in my purse. now unless you carry a purse around, this is basically no advice. you could write it down on a piece of paper and then be NOT lazy and put it in a spreadsheet when you get home…

Yeah, the purse would only be good if it was european…

I’ve just ordered the cable that’ll let me download my blood sugar results on to my machine, which I’m hoping will help me. I also have a livejournal set up for me to post my meals & results in - I update that once a day usually, and being online it’s accessible from home and work (for me anyway). I only test 2-4 times a day so it’s managable

When I’m not online, I have a mini pen and some paper cut down to fit in the cover of my meter case. I can jot down notes as I test when I need to. The paper ones don’t always get transferred to the computer, but it’s better than nothing.

I’ve tried buying a day planner and logging logging logging… but that is just a horrible amount of work and it makes me too hyper-aware of what I’m eating.

Hey man, have you seen Kevin’s logbook over at ? It’s awesome!

Nice, thanks!