Blood sugar logs?

Hi all,

Wondering what everyone uses to log their blood sugars? By nature, I'm not a list maker. I'm just not. But I need to record some information to send to my docs so we can dial things in. Guessing I need to include food, dosing and BG, but need an easy "form" to use. Anyone know of any out there? Thanks!

I hate logging also. But I know I have to do it. I have not converted to the computer logging thing yet. The only log that ever made sense was the the Medtronic Log. It applies to me. It does not say just “Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner”. My schedule does not allow me to fit my numbers and meals withing BLD schedule. The Medtronic log gives me an hour by hour review of al day. Hope you find the right “form” that meets your needs.

I use the computer and the software provided by the meter manufacturer. Just plug in the meter every once in a while and download. I print out a log book for the doc along with a trend line and bring it in for my check-ups. I also use the graphing features of the software periodically just to keep a check on the steadiness of my control. The software also allows logging of food and insulin.

Doing it with logbooks, uggh. Computers are the way to fly!!!

Umm… I have a laptop, so I just always keep Microsoft Excell open, and I log everything in there, and adjust it all to my own personal wants… I divide the tabs in months, and everything, and color code the tabs in groups of 3, for months, so I know to go for an A1C every 3 months, etc…

I can’t find a job! I gotta do something! lol

i dont do that too… during my appointment, i just give them my pump and the nurse will download everything and give it to my doc…

but i guess, for those who arent pumping, they need to do it… been there before and i know its just a pain…;p

I am a paper person. So I’ve taken a small notebook, and created pages for each day of the month. I have marked off columns with the time, date, and the BG number — then there is a bigger space for mood, and other pertinent info that might help the doc, like stressors, foods eaten etc. I know the computer is probably a better choice, but there is something very
theraputic in writing that number rather than typing it in for me.
wavesense application on itouch

We use, you can enter numbers daily, give your doctors a username and password and they can log in and see how you’re doing. I love it. I log my daughter’s numbers daily and if I have a concern i email the nurse and she logs in and gets back to me. I have even started putting in the notes section what she ate or any activity for the day. I hoe this helps. Good luck. I am such a list maker and I also take the numbers from her OmniPod and write them in a notebook. A little overboard? Maybe but not really. It helps to see them written down too.

I use a free on-line service called “Sugarstats”. It’s located at I think you can sign up for a paid account and get more features, but what I get for free is all I really want/need.

I got this handy dandy little logbook from the endocrinologist. It looks homemade and the only complaint I have is that there isnt enough room to put the notes in. Maybe would be a good idea to ask you endo for one. I am sure you arent the first person to ask for one:)

Hi. I am a mother of a type 1 diabetic as well. How old is your little one? I would really like to connect with other moms. Soooo many questions and just need someone to talk to. My son is in the honeymoon stage still so we rarely see target numbers and could use someone who can relate to. thanks and hope all is well with you and your daughter. :0

This may be you answer. I like it as you can start it on any quarter of the year and fits into a standard binder for the company that you can buy at office depot

I used this for my son
It was the one I found with the most room for notes and not just 3 meals a day. There’s room for snacks, exercise, etc.
I used it religiously for 6 months. Every BG, every bite of food, every shot. Then he got on a pump. I can download the pump and meter right onto my computer and it all prints out nice and neat. It’s crazy how much less work I’m having to do. It keeps track of his BG, carb intake, boluses, etc. Love it.

I still have my handy dandy logbook that came with my latest meter. When it fills up, maybe I’ll start writing it on rolls of toilet paper. I’d love to see the endo’s face when I brought THAT in. lol

Gina I started using a log book called Smart Charts My Other Checkbook after getting a few free from a nurses office. She’s diabetic as well. They’ve really helped me keep track of my insulin action times and a lot more. As you may have guessed they fit rite into a checkbook sleeve. I can dial myself in with these much easier than before. I see when I need to make changes such as bolus corrections or titrations to my basal insulin for different schedules, activity, appetite, illness and so forth . I do test 9-13 times daily though to keep my levels somewhat in check. I just don’t see any other way around it.
This link is for a sample PDF file that should be the same as pictured below.

I bought mine from this site.

Someone should make an iphone app. like these logs. Then I’d buy one

I write it down in the booklet that I keep with the meter, but that is just a backup. I have used the download feature in all 3 of the meters I have had, insurance co keeps changing their mind on which they will buy strips for, and just print out the line chart for the Doc. is an online facility.
it even works out a ‘guess-estimated’ HbA1C for you.
a while ago they were also working on directly uploading directly from your meter to the net!

We use the attached spreadsheet. It was recommended in one of our pumping insulin books. The basal has an adjustment within the TDD box for the missing hours overnight.


Seem to be having trouble adding the chart.
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