Bg out of wack

have had a good month until today .had bg reading to start with at 143(be for bkf) and after went to 345 did nothing different did not change any thigng.waited about 2hrs and check agin was 245. what went wrong/ is it last night supper or this mornings cold cearl(2 bolws)? dont know what to do about getting it back down.and i dont know if i should eat luch on time or wait to see if it staarts back down more?have been right on track 70-80 in mornig and mid 115-120 throughtout the day just at night it would get up to 199-200
but by morning back down.i feel that i am going backwards not forward.

the high noumers started to show up this weekend.

If you were 143 before breakfast and 345 after, I would attribute the increase to what you ate for breakfast.

Is that a typical breakfast for you? Two bowls of cold cereal with milk, depending on the size of the bowl, could be quite a few carbohydrates, which will increase your blood glucose more than a meal with fewer carbohydrates and more protein.

Do you take mealtime rapid-acting insulin, or just long-acting once or twice a day? If you take rapid-acting insulin, ask your health care provider about how to calculate a correction dose for times when your blood glucose gets out of target range.

If you don’t take rapid-acting insulin, you can let time and some gentle exercise bring down your blood glucose level. Although we’re sometimes warned not to exercise when blood glucose levels are high, a gentle 20-30 minute walk can really help. Be sure you drink some water. Being dehydrated can contribute to high readings.

Skipping your next meal may seem logical, but usually isn’t a good idea. As long as your blood glucose appears to be heading down, you may just want to eat a small meal, light on carbohydrates but with some protein. Good luck!

And, as a final note, if you’ve seen some consistent night-time highs, you may want to see what your A1C test results are so that you and your doctor can decide if you need to make some changes in food choices, activity, and/or meds. Diabetes does change over time; the regimen that used to work to keep you on target may need some tweaks!

thank you for fast acting just long lasting(2 daily) yes that in the noem. for me 2 bowls. but did not think much of how many carbs in cereal in fact i did not even look at that.and my last a1c it was out i am going to see my dr. on wed. and see if he can get me some answer on this and see what else to do. thank you again.

I would suggest smaller (and maybe more frequent then) meals. Two bowls of cereal plus milk is throwing at lot of carbs at your system at a time.

i didno t think about that. a lesson learned(hard way)thank you for your respones