What Is Going On With My BG?

I was diagnosed as type two in March, and I test twice a day. My BG level goal from my doctor is around 100 first thing in the morning, and under 140 two hours after my evening meal. From the start I have averaged 115-118 on the morning read, and that is consistant for me to date. My doctor is alright with that.

On the evening read I have been averaging 127-135. But, for the past two weeks my evening reading has been hitting anywhere between 145 and 190. I’m worried about this and don’t know what is causing it to be so high. I have changed nothing in my diet. I faithfully take my Acto Plus Met twice a day as directed. The only thing that has changed is that I have not been to the gym as I have been out of town on business. Has anyone else experienced this, and how long did it last? Could the gym thing be the cause?

Yes, I think it could. Exercise is soooo major in keeping BG levels down! Also…well, at least my experience is that sometimes there is no accounting for readings. I’ll be going along on what feels like a positive trend and then, boom, it all changes again.

When you work out, it tells your body to use the blood sugar in a different way other than insulin.

So, I would suspect that is it.

Hi Don,
I think it could be exercise related too. I know if I have some sort of work related crisis and stress mounts it has a direct effect on MY BG. If your business trip included stress, the lack of exercise (to work off the stress) can have a direct impact on your BG. I gave up a promising career in management because I was getting too much stress and not enough exercise. For the last 8 years or so my morning readings are 90-100 and post meal readings are 120-130.

Thank you all for your responses. I can see that I’d better get back to the gym, pronto. Have a great weekend.

Excercise does wonders for the blood sugar. You could try more of that. Also, you may need an adjustment in medications… check with your doctor.


Sounds very familiar. Exercise and weight control are essential. I walk at least 5 miles a day and stick to a low glycemic index, natural foods based diet. Your insulin resistance is still high and the only way it’s coming down is if you stop eating the foods that got you where you are. That is, low nutrition, high carb, packaged, refined, and processed junk. If you slowly incorporate more raw fruits and vegetables into your daily meal plan and exercise moderately each day, you’ll find that your insulin resistance will go down and so will your glucose numbers. If you’re wondering how I am so sure of this, it’s because after five years of Metformin, I tried it and my numbers have been so normal, that I quit the Metformin last December 13th. My glucose this morning was 100. Read more on my blog here: http://www.geocities.com/seabulls69/Type_II_Diabetes.html