Big hugs, prayers and positive thoughts for Saundra!

Our friend Saundra is about to go through a lot:
-Heavy duty medications, starting Sunday.
-Dialysis, starting Tuesday.
-Heart surgery, scheduled for Wednesday.

Please stop by her page and send her all your hugs, prayers and positive thoughts, so she may feel our love and support!!!

done it… hope shes ok…

it really scares me how things seem to go bad even though how good we take control in our diabetes.

thanks Manny…

Prayers sent!!!

prayers are with her.

Hey, Sandra!

Wish you the all the best!

For now, here’s some love and luck for you…

Good Luck and God Bless…
Wishing you “well”…

Hey Manny,

Stopped by her page eariler. I also want to send her my love here too!! My prayers every night are with her right now!!!

I will have you in my prayers. I hope everything does fine.