Let's make Sandy Barragan feel how much we love her! (UPDATE: she is feeling better)

Many of you know Saundra Barragan (Sandy). She is one of our most beloved members, someone who has earned our love through giving her love to us. Saundra has given her permission to let everyone know that she is going into the hospital and may not make it.

Her lungs are really giving her a hard time. Yet, she’s still fighting: she hasn’t given up yet. And we should not give up either: please leave her your thoughts and words of encouragement and love here. She needs us now more than ever!

May God be with you, Sandy. I will be praying.

My prayers are with you, Sandy.

Sandy, you are so positive, loving, and kind-hearted! I know we’ve seen you through many a battle and we will see you through this one, too! We will be here when you get back!!!

you are in my thoughts and prayers!!! hang in there!! be strong!!


Get well soon. Hope your hospital stay is a brief one!!! We can not wait for your replies knowing you will be back soon!!!

You are in my thoughts and prayers Sandy. Hang in there.

Saundra, You are our angel,your love is felt,your sincerity is gracious,your love of God is solid.I am praying for you my friend.

Dear Sandy, Thank you so much for being one of my friends. You made me feel welcome when I first go to TuDiabetes. Thats something very special! I hope and pray that you are not gone long. I will be thinking of you and praying for you.
God Bless!

I am praying for you and your recovery. Stay strong!

Hope you are getting better Sandy!!!

Dear Sandy Thank you so much to your contribution to TuD. You have helped to make it the special place it is. We will miss you while you are away, but know that you are in our thoughts. Keep up that fighting spirit!

We do love you! Your kindness, warmth & positive energy have touched everyone.

Know you are a strong woman & we’re all counting on you to pull through.

Holding you in my heart & sending all good, healing thoughts your way.

Many hugs surround you.

Dear Saundra,
We have talked some–enough in fact that I have considered you my friend–I mean, not just my TuDiabetes friend–but my real friend. You have inspired me when I was so far down, the only way out was up. God has used you to reach others, and He will continue to use you. When you get home from the hospital we will talk some more. I will be praying for you, and remember–Jesus is the Great Physician. He can do with just a thought, what all the Dr’s in the world cannot do. Just don’t you give up. OK? We all love you, Sandy–remember that.
Peace, My Friend,

Our best thoughts go with you, Sandy. May we expect a miracle.


God bless you! I am praying for you today. I admire your strength and courage! Don’t give up!

Keep up the good fight, girl! Kick this in its’ ‘family jewels’ and get back to us.

I wish you all the love kindness and support that you deserve. Nothing but good and positive thoughts.


There is no one quite like Sandy. She’s the one welcoming new members to the family. She’s the one responding to the member in despair, reaching out with the kindest words. She’s the one celebrating someone’s victory. She’s the one never looking at the dark side. She’s a person I think about every day, I love her!