Bike riding and type 1 on a pump

Does anyone out there bike ride for exercise? Do you ever find your blood sugars high after you ride? I have recently gotten back into bike riding and after a ride even though I may start out with a normal blood sugar of say 95-110 I will spike up to over 200 when I get back and that is riding 4-6 miles. I stay high for 4-5 hours after exercise and then end up dropping low about 6-8 hours after exercise even though I eat a low fat meal when I get back with protein, it's frustrating to get the spikes and then the lows later on. I would love anyone's feedback on how they handle this as I would like to build up to longer distances and want to keep my blood sugar under control.



Check the Diabetic Athletes group. Check the Cycling Diabetics group.

This subject comes up all the time.


Me! Me! pick Me!
It happens every time I ride…or exercise period.

What I have found works for me, is I eat before I exercise (an hour or two at least, bolus for your meal)
and then I do my workout thing and then when I am done, I give half a correction for the said high.
and sure enough, 45 minutes later I’m right back where I need to be.

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Thanks for the great advice, will look for the book too!

I found this old post and hope it is still okay to post on it. I came on the forum to see what I could find about this subject. Laura25, you described what happens to me perfectly. I ride 3-8 miles and I see my blood sugar rise. Today it actually rose to 200 for the first time since using cgm (3 weeks).

While riding, I watch my bg go down and my pump shuts itself off (t-slim with basal-IQ) and then when I get home I watch my bg go up. So frustrating.
Have you come up with anything that works in the last 8 years?

There are a few possibilities that could be involved. Can you share details of a typical scenario?

Here are a few things that would be helpful to determine what is happening and how to fix it:

  • How hard are you exercising? Is it an easy ride? Hard intense hard? Is your heart pounding when you are done, or is it more aerobic?

  • What is your general diet like, in terms of carbs? High carb, low carb, middle carb?

  • What time do you exercise, and how long before exercise do you eat? Right away? Several hours before?

  • Do you do any basal adjustments for exercise, or just allow the pump to cut basal when your BG starts to drop?

  • How long are your rides?

  • How long does the basal get turned off?

  • Do you consume any carbs on the rides when your BG begins to drop?